Gamefest 2023 is Perfect for the Young and the Young at Heart

Gamefest 2023 is back in Glorietta! If you’re looking for something fun to do with your loved ones this week, Glorietta is definitely the place to be. We got a sneak peek today of what you can expect at Glorietta’s Gamefest 2023 – and we promise you: you are going to have a ton of fun.

What to Expect From Glorietta’s Gamefest 2023

Glorietta Gamefest 2023

Photo by Angeline Rodriguez

Board Games at Gaming Library

Visit the Gaming Library area to buy games and discover new ones. You can play card games and board games, and the staff will be more than happy to teach you how to play them. Have fun discovering new games and stocking up on your favorites after you play.

Glorietta Gamefest 2023 Gaming Library Board Game

Photo by Angeline Rodriguez

Photo Ops

Of course, no event would be complete without an area for photo ops. Glorietta has set up a “Hall of Photo” where you can strike a pose against a holographic photo wall to commemorate your Gamefest 2023 experience. They’ll help you come up with poses and then print your photos for you.

Glorietta Gamefest 2023 Hall of Photo Op

Photo by Angeline Rodriguez

Furniture for Gamers

Gamefest 2023 also has an area where you can lounge, take pictures, and check out gaming furniture. It’s basically an IKEA budol area because yes, you will want to buy everything that you’ll see there. We actually found ourselves wanting to buy the couch, the headsets, and that desk tumbler holder we never knew we needed (but now want).

Glorietta Gamefest 2023 IKEA Gaming Furniture

Photo by Angeline Rodriguez

Fun Caricatures

If you get the chance to (because they’re in demand and might not have time for everyone), make sure to get a fun caricature of yourself from the talented artists at the Craftsman’s Corner who will create adorable and unique portraits of you. Strike a gamer pose or a finishing pose to make it even more fun! You don’t have to sit there while they draw, either (ang tanda ba namin to think that’s how it still works? lol), because they’ll just take your picture so you can explore the rest of the Gamefest 2023 area and pick it up when you’re done.

Glorietta Gamefest 2023 Caricature Corner

Photo by Angeline Rodriguez

Life-Sized Board Game

Have you ever tried a life-sized board game before? Zing has set one up at Gamefest 2023 with massive soft dice and a board on the floor for you to move on. Talk about literally stepping into the game!

Glorietta Gamefest 2023 Life-Sized Board Game Zing

Photo by Angeline Rodriguez

Arcade Games

If, like us, you love retro arcade games, you can relive your childhood at Gamefest 2023 where they have arcade games set up for you to enjoy.

Glorietta Gamefest 2023 Arcade Games

Photo by Angeline Rodriguez

Video Game Area

Of course, they’ve got modern video games too – brought to us by Game One and complete with comfy bean bags so you can play in the utmost comfort. You can also explore the latest gaming products and merchandise on display at the Game One booth just right beside it.

Glorietta Gamefest 2023 Video Game Area

Photo by Angeline Rodriguez

Trader’s Lane

At Trader’s Lane, you can meet other card game and board game enthusiasts and get into some friendly competition. Neutral Grounds has games for sale here too.

Glorietta Gamefest 2023 Trading Central

Photo by Angeline Rodriguez

Sponsor’s Square

If you’re in the mood to shop for toys and more, you can find Hobbiestock and Filbar’s at the Sponsor’s Square.

Glorietta Gamefest 2023 Hobbiestock Filbar's

Photo by Angeline Rodriguez


HADO is definitely the highlight of Gamefest 2023, though. By far the main thing you should try if you get to visit, it’s basically an augmented reality (AR) e-sports experience. Make sure you dress to get active because you’ll only win if you’re willing to really run around and put in the work. Basically, you have to put on goggles and a device on your arm, set up shields, and attack the opposing team’s shields to score points. Teams usually consist of three players, which is why we highly recommend you bring your loved ones with you to experience this exhilarating game.

Glorietta Gamefest 2023 HADO

Photo by Angeline Rodriguez

Citizen Passport

To join all of the fun activities at Gamefest 2023, you can obtain a Citizen Passport with a single receipt or accumulated receipts worth Php2,000. Receipts should be from Glorietta stores and merchants, excluding department stores, drug stores, banking, and bill payments.

Glorietta Gamefest 2023 Citizen Passport

Photo by Angeline Rodriguez


Giveaways also abound at Gamefest 2023! The first 30 individuals who complete their Citizen Passport each day will get exclusive merchandise only available at the event so make sure to go early!

Don’t forget: Gamefest 2023 is only happening from August 3 to August 6, 2023, so don’t miss out and make your way to the Glorietta Activity Center this week. We promise you that the chance to try out HADO in itself is one that’ll make your visit worth it. Stay tuned to Glorietta for more updates and announcements! Follow @iloveglorietta on Instagram!