Game of Thrones Theory: Could Daenerys Become the Night Queen?

Ahhh. ‘Game of Thrones’ theories. Instead of just waiting to see what actually happens, don’t you just love reading them and see what other people think will happen? While some theories really aren’t that great, there are some that makes sense and that will really make you think. Take this one by marisaann26 on Reddit, for example, which was posted earlier this month.

According to the theory, which revolves around a vision Daenerys Targaryen had in Season 2, where she found herself in the throne room in King’s Landing. While most of the room is destroyed, she sees the throne covered in snow. In the vision, Dany also leaves Khal Drogo and their baby behind to take care of her dragons. A warlock says, “The mother is reunited with her babies, and you’ll be with them through winter, summer, then winter again.”

marisaann26 points out that most of the parts of the vision have already come true: Dany wanting to attack King’s Landing, but being convinced to fight the White Walkers instead.

If the vision comes true, Dany could end up choosing her dragons over the humans. So far, the Night King already has one of her dragons. If the rest of her dragons end up becoming a part of the White Walker army, she may choose to live with them as the Night Queen. That way, she’d get to be with her babies and rule as Queen, as well. Read the full theory on Reddit here.

How do you think ‘Game of Thrones’ will end? Got any theories of your own to share?

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