These Kitchen Appliances are on Sale Right Now – Don’t Miss Out

Need new kitchen appliances? Whether you need a huge air fryer for the whole family or something smaller, we recently discovered the brand Gaabor on Shopee, and they’ve got exactly what we need in terms of kitchen appliances. The best part? They’re on sale right now. Here are our top three picks at the moment:

5L Air Fryer

Gaabor Air Fryer

Big enough to cook an entire family dinner and with eight functional menus to cook all sorts of meals, this air fryer has a 5L capacity with 360-degree three-dimensional hot air circulation to ensure uniform heating all throughout. The inner pot also has a non-stick coating so food will never get stuck on it, making it extra easy to clean. The dual-temperature double-control knob is also simple and easy to operate so even your kids can help out if needed. Buy it now while it’s on sale for only Php2,399!

Mini Rice Cooker

Gaabor Mini Rice Cooker

The perfect-sized rice cooker for a small family of two, you can also use this appliance to fry and boil food. With a non-stick coating for easy cleaning and maintenance, it has two gears of heating so you can have full control at all times. It also has high-temperature protection and anti-dry burning power shutdown protection so you’ll never have to worry about burning anything or forgetting to turn it off. Buy it now while it’s on sale for only Php399!

Portable Juicer

Gaabor Portable Juicer

This super convenient portable juicer makes wireless juice squeezing mega easy! With long battery life and a capacity of 300ML food-grade material for better health, this juicer is simple and easy to use and even comes in a rope handle design to prevent it from slipping out of your hands. Buy it now for only Php599!

Check out the rest of Gaabor’s products on Shopee now!

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