FUNNY: This girl opened up her new tub of ice cream to find… spaghetti!?

We’ve all been there. Opening up the freezer and getting excited upon seeing a tub of ice cream only to open it and find dinuguan or adobo or any other leftovers. It’s a familiar feeling at this point and seeing any of those big tubs is kind of a gamble in our minds. Not unlike seeing those metal tins for cookies and half-expecting sewing materials, doubting the contents of a container in a Filipino home is almost second nature.

This girl’s mother, however, had just bought a new tub of ice cream and usually, we’d expect ice cream there. I mean, it’s fresh. If it’s been in the freezer for a while, that’s the time we suspect it isn’t quite ice cream. But this was straight from the grocery and, upon opening it at home, they were very surprised to find something that wasn’t ice cream at all.

They found spaghetti. Mixed already with the sauce and frozen. Quite bizarre, given that it came from a grocery freezer and everything!

My mama bought an ice cream at Walter Mart San Fernando. Pagbukas namin, spaghetti yung laman. LEGIT, I SWEAR…

Posted by Nikki Calalang on Friday, January 12, 2018

The ice cream–er, spaghetti–was promptly returned to the supermarket and customer service handled it quite well. They were given actual ice cream this time along with an apology. They even asked if she could take down the post but, really, she found it funny more than anything so she kept it up.

This was quite a strange turn of events! We’re just glad this family finally got their ice cream, haha!

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve found in an ice cream tub? Let us know!


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