FUNNY: Laureen Uy’s Tagalog Challenge with Nico Bolzico

We have all enjoyed watching the funny, romantic, and sometimes crazy moments that internet sensation Nico Bolzico has shared with his celebrity wife, Solenn Heusaff, and by now, we are aware of how playfully funny and naughty Nico can be.

Staying here in the country, it would only be of best interest for Nico to learn how to speak the language. And according to him, he has been taking a few lessons for this.

In this video, well-known blogger/vlogger, Laureen Uy, tests how much he has learned. They played a game where Laureen says a Tagalog word and Nico will try to explain what it means. Since Nico has only been into few sessions, he ends up getting the answers wrong, but when he was given the right clues, he managed to guess the words right.

What a cutie. Does anybody know where I can get a Nico?

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