Fundraising Campaign for Lolo Tacio, 80 Year Old Ice Cream Vendor

A few months ago, we shared the story of the 80 year old ice cream vendor who people fondly call Lolo Tacio.  Passers-by were so inspired by his diligence and hard work, not to mention his cheerful demeanor that everyone wanted to do whatever little they can to help him out. 

Well, Sarah dela Cruz opted to start raising funds to help Lolo Tacio and his family lead a better life.

Lolo Tacio Ice Cream Vendor

“This is Tacio Yebra. He is an 80 year old ice cream vendor from the Philippines. Every single day, through rain, heat or wind, he pushes his old and worn out cart to sell ice cream, so that he can earn money to pay for food and medicine. Some days, he only manages to sell two ice creams after several hours of walking around. This is not quite enough to buy him a meal, but despite this bad fortune, he continues to work hard again the next day.
He lives on the streets with his daughter who is still dependent on him, for she has a mental illness. His other six children all have their own families, and refuse to take him in. Despite this, he holds no ill feelings towards them, and even empathizes with them.
Life has been extremely difficult for Tacio for so many decades. At 80, he still continues to work hard every day through tough conditions.

He endangers his life pushing his cart down busy roads, he endures intense heat and pollution, and he gets drenched when it rains.

Other people might resort to begging for money, or even crime, but not Tacio. He maintains his good morals and survives through his hard work and honesty.

At his very old age, he should not be working so hard for so little. He has lived in such hardship for too long, and now he deserves to be rewarded. He deserves a life in which food and shelter is always a certainty. He deserves to rest and be looked after. He deserves to experience real comfort and safety.
I am now pleading with you to join me in my aim to help Tacio financially. The money we can gather will go towards paying for rent, regular meals, utility bills, and medicine. This way, he will not need to sell ice cream on the streets, and he can finally relax and feel at ease. Please help Tacio experience a better life, for he has endured too much hardship for so long.
Thank you for your time.”

Lolo Tacio Ice Cream Vendor 01

For those who wish to help, please visit the following link – Any amount, small or big, will be of great help to Lolo Tacio and his family. So please don’t hesitate to help.

Please don’t forget to share, let’s all help out!