FULL STORY: Netizen shares precaution about broken car windows, a new modus operandi

Yikes. This guy’s belongings were stolen from his car – his car windows were broken into!

Juanito Gregorio shared it on his Facebook account how he does not feel safe regardless of where he’s at.

Gregorio shares to WHEN IN MANILA the full details of the incident.

“It happened around 7:30-8: 00 pm in front of Good Shepherd Cathedral School where I was playing basketball,” he says. “I was parked right in front of the entrance where there was even a guard that was just probably around 10 meters away from my car. I didn’t notice it right away and just noticed when I already got in the car.” 

The damage was huge, the entire window of the passenger seat gone. “The glass had a full break. Hindi parang butas. It was the whole glass,” Gregorio sighs.

“They got my bag with training clothes only, luckily. But weird enough they didn’t get my other iPhone which was directly connected to the aux cord was very visible (unless they didn’t see ‘cuz it was dark) and the basketball which was literally beside the bag.”

Photo from Juanito Gregorio

Photo from Juanito Gregorio

Gregorio asked the nearby security guard if he heard any glass break within the time frame of the incident – unfortunately, the latter he hadn’t.
“From what I heard, it’s a modus which they use spark plugs and then break windows which causes the window to break but doesn’t cause much sound. Also, the common thing about the cars that got broken into was that the bags were the first thing they went for.” 
Gregorio tells WHEN IN MANILA that these suspects are scattered in one area in Fairview, Quezon City.
“One of the victimized cars was even parked in public but was still broken into. From what I saw in the CCTV, they have a lookout and when it’s clear, they break in. They were also in motorcycles going around.”
Be careful around the area, everyone! Stay alert!
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