Frou Frou Crafts: An Adult Coloring Book Full of Pretty Twirls and Swirls

If you are familiar with the app Colorfy and were amazed by it, wait until you see the art designs that I will be showcasing in this article. And guess who is the artist? One very talented Filipina: the owner of Frou Frou Crafts. Yes, from our very own brood of homegrown artists.

Frou Frou Crafts

If you are really interested in exploring colors and inks, I would suggest getting into doing art the traditional way – by holding an actual pen.

I’ll give you 3 good reasons why:

3. You get to feel every stroke you make. Like a pro!

2. You get to carefully choose the color you think would best blend with the current design you are working on requiring your creative “genuises” to be on full work mode. (You cannot erase a colored pen’s ink or colored pencils as compared to choosing colors in an app. Once you put the ink there, it stays there.)

1. You get to be responsible and proud of your own colored artwork made possible by designs personally handmade by Ms. Jaelle, the owner, herself.

Frou Frou Crafts

If you have an artist’s eye, look for Ms. Jaelle’s signature in every design. *wink*

Lastly, apply a fixative on it (optional), buy a frame, hang it on your wall and voila! You now have an art gallery which is a combination of your own creative genius and that of Frou Frou Crafts‘ just from one coloring book. Imagine if you had the entire Frou Frou Crafts adult coloring book collection! You could end up with a museum full of art!

Now I’d really love that – as a true-blue art lover and artist. Even if you are not, though, I know you will feel good about yourself when you see Frou Frou Crafts’ designs come alive through your colors.

Frou Frou Crafts

Isn’t this fantastic? Tedious, but very fulfilling.

Even my hubby got interested and tried it himself. I used to think this was of a girls’ thing, but I guess I was wrong. *smiles* They were right – these adult coloring books are such a major stress reliever. Praise God for art and artists!

Frou Frou Crafts

My husband chose the hand design and opted for colored pens. As for me, let’s just say I am more of a pencil person. I love to sketch using pencils, so the first art medium I used when I got hold of Frou Frou Crafts’ coloring books was none other than, you guessed that right, colored pencils.

Frou Frou Crafts

Here’s my first try:

Frou Frou Crafts

I just love to mix and match colors through layering, although colored markers are more vibrant and look better on heavier abstract designs such as the previous colored design I posted.

I also tried another art medium – oil pastel – and will be working next on using poster colors soon, too.

Frou Frou Crafts

Frou Frou Crafts

Read on for more!


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