A Friendly Reminder: “Every Woman is Beautiful in Her Own Way.”

Most people, especially women, care a lot about their looks. In fact, we focus so much on our looks sometimes that we end up feeling horrible when we compare ourselves to other people who we believe to be better than us. It gets even worse when we hear people say bad things about us. We start to think we aren’t good-looking enough or sexy enough – and the worst part is that we start to believe it the more that we hear it.

So, when we read this post from Macky Buenaventura on Facebook, we simply had to share it:

She’s flawed. Far from perfect.

“Her boobs are too small”

“She has a flat ass”

“She’s too fat”

“Too skinny”

“She’s ugly”

“Look at her teeth”

“She’s too short”

“She’s a fucking giant”

“She dresses like a b**ch”

“She doesn’t know how to dress up”

“Eww. Stretch marks!”

“Skin’s too dark”

But here’s one thing we all fail to see

She’s human

She has emotions

Your comments make her feel insecure

You’re hurting her

Without your comments, she already knows these things. You pointing it out only makes her feel worse. She may not admit it, but she thinks about the things you say. You’re not only breaking her heart, but her spirit as well. And a broken spirit takes a longer time to heal than a broken heart.

A Friendly Reminder: "Every Woman is Beautiful in Her Own Way."

She’ll never be perfect

You never will be either

Just because she doesn’t fit your idea of beauty, doesn’t mean she’s ugly.

Every woman is beautiful in her own way.

You’re the one who’s ugly for not seeing the beauty in her.

Remember that your opinions reflect the kind of person you are.

Hopefully, this post will remind you that you are beautiful in your own way, and that everyone else is, as well. Here’s to a more positive outlook on people and ourselves this 2016! 🙂

If you want to read more of Macky’s inspirational posts, feel free to follow or add him on Facebook at www.facebook.com/thatjerkmacky – he  posts regularly. 🙂

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