A Fresh Perspective on Dieting

Written by Eia Collantes

I always thought diet food was gross. I would imagine it would involve bland meals that resemble the taste of cardboard with some salt. Though these meals are very healthy and good for you, I never thought this was enough to have the consumer overlook the foods’ dullness.

After all, food should make one happy.

On normal school days, everything I eat is deep fried. If not deep fried, then something instant that just needs hot water. It’s not a healthy lifestyle, but it’s not my fault that my school is surrounded by fast food chains and unhealthy street food. Also, how could I resist delicious deep fried chicken intestines? The more unhealthy the food is, the better it tends to taste – or is that just me?

Chefitness food

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Because of my accustomization towards unhealthy food, I felt uneasy about trying this healthy diet plan. To my surprise, though, this two week-long diet did not really feel like a diet at all. Generally, the food was great and did not taste like anything I expected of diet food.

Eating CHEFitness diet food was more like eating at a friend’s house. We all know how home-cooked meals taste better when it’s not ours. That’s what CHEFitness is like.

Here’s what I had:

Chefitness - day 1

Chefitness - day 2

Chefitness - day 3

Chefitness - day 4

Chefitness - day 5

Chefitness - day 6

Chefitness - day 7

Chefitness - day 8

Chefitness - day 9

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