Fresco PH: Get Handpicked Gourmet Boxes Delivered to Your Doorstep

With the daily routine of life wearing you down, there are some days when you’ll need a perk-me-up to keep you going. People tackle stress and relaxation in different ways, whether it be through traveling, reading a book, having coffee with friends, or watching a film. One thing’s for certain, though: almost everyone’s comforter? Food!

Fresco PH’s grazing tables and services offer you a unique way to unwind through carefully curated contents for you to snack on! With so many delicious choices and even more possible combinations on how you can eat them, it’s definitely more than just snacking experience.

Photo from Fresco PH’s Facebook page

There are so many ingredients in the box, all of which are overwhelmingly good!

Each handpicked fresh box includes gourmet food like premium cold cuts, one type of gourmet cheese, truffle honey, and more! The fun part comes when you (and your company) gather around the table and try different combinations.

I’m drooling. It’s so good!

Perfect for a snack to share with your family, friends, officemates, or even just for yourself; it’s truly a memorable experience. It could also be a last-minute gift for a loved one as Fresco PH delivers all over Metro Manila for a fixed price. Curated gifts add a more personal touch and will definitely be well-accepted by your recipient!

The cheese is definitely one of my favorites in the set!

Thinking of having this at your event or during a special occasion? Fresco PH also offers catering services that are guaranteed to make your event unique.

Photo from Fresco PH’s Facebook page

Photo from Fresco PH’s Facebook page

What are you waiting for? Why not treat yo’ self by ordering a box today?

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