6 Reasons Why Curated Gift Giving Should Be A Thing

It has been said that giving is better than receiving, and giving gifts to someone special is one of the moments that generosity gives you that feeling of satisfaction and encouragement. Seeing people’s eyes light up as they open up their gifts is such a fulfilling moment, especially when you realize that you’ve given them the perfect gift for the occasion.

The slight problem when it comes to giving gifts is preparing for it–or more specifically, trying to figure out what exactly a perfect gift could be.

There’s a line between a personal gift and a general gift. Before, it would be quite difficult to give a gift that’s right in the middle. But with the concept of curated gift boxes, giving gifts has become easier and a lot more special.

Carla Gesilva, the woman behind Winsome Box,  a local gift-curating studio, shares her insight on curated gift giving:

Curated Gift Giving, for me, means that the gift was created specifically with the giftee and a purpose in mind. It means that the gift or gifts were not randomly picked but that they were all carefully thought out to have a specific meaning or purpose for the person/giftee. For me, creating a purposeful gift usually entails anchoring on a specific intent or experience that you want your gifter to embrace or experience.

In my experience of receiving said gift boxes, I firmly believe that it should definitely be a norm for gift-giving. Here are x reasons why I think so:

6. Every single box is unique and personal.

When giving a custom gift box, the team behind Winsome Box will actually help you from the first step up until the moment it gets delivered. They’ll ask questions about the receiver of the gift to make sure that it’s as personal as it can be. You wouldn’t have to worry about not being able to give a gift that the person wouldn’t like because these boxes are made exactly for them!

5. Everything in the box is of great quality.

As soon as I opened my gift boxes, I could help but let out a squeal of delight at each one of them. And then I would instantly proceed to scrutinize every item inside. Every single thing just drew me in.

You don’t have to worry about giving mediocre items because they’re all above and beyond excellent. It’s always like the team behind each box is outdoing themselves each time.

4. There’s a gift for every occasion.

Winsome Box offers staple gift boxes for all types of occasions. These are particularly helpful when you’re invited to a party and don’t want to turn up empty-handed, all while being the extra human being that you are.

They have boxes for weddings. And I love that it’s not the usual appliance or houseware gift, but it’s actually more like a care box for that morning after the wedding when the couple just wants to sleep in and relax. This box has a pair of personalized mugs, delicious coffee, and even bars of local chocolate!

There’s also a box to welcome a new baby–complete with a cute blanket, a teether, and a mug for mommy!

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