Free Medicines for Diabetes and Hypertension Patients in 2016, says Department of Health

One of the perennial concerns of every Filipino household is self-medication. This is because of the fact, that not everyone can afford to have a check-up. Let alone, to buy medicines for maintenance. As we all know, medicines for chronic diseases such as Diabetes and Hypertension are extremely expensive.

Favorably, every ‘Juan’ can now receive free medicines for the said diseases!

According to the news article shared by Manila Bulletin, the Department of Health (DoH) said on Friday, that patients (nationwide) with Diabetes and Hypertension may avail of  free maintenance medicines from the DOH regional rural health units of RHUs starting January 2016.

Stated in the article, that the said program is part of the DOH initiative in upgrading facilities and services nationwide in line with the goal of bringing the Universal Health Care Program or “Kalusugan Pangkalahatan” Health Agenda of the Aquino Administration to the Filipino people.

DOH Secretary Janette L. Garin said during the press briefing held at the DOH Media Relations Unit in Tayuman, the medicines are given for the patients upon registering with the DOH Hypertension and Diabetes Club in the RHUs of Regional Offices where they belong.

How to be part of the DOH Hypertension and Diabetes Club?

As stated, a patient needs to consult the nearest health center or primary health care facility to undergo assessment, screening, and management. Furthermore, the diagnosis must be made by Barangay Health Workers (BHW) in the rural health units (RHUs). Essentially, the barangay health workers will be provided with Blood Pressure Apparatus and Glucometer to measure the sugar level.


A sample of a glucometer that is essential in monitoring sugar level of diabetic patients.

After which, the patient will be then enrolled in the club.

What are the benefits of the members?

The said report further explains that the members will benefit from the following:

  • patients will have access to generic DOH drugs for hypertension like Losartan, Amlodipine, Metroprolol and medicines for diabetes like Metformin.
  • members will be included in the activities that promote a healthy lifestyle to help lower blood pressure and ensure sugar level is controlled.
  • Less fortunate patients and need insulin medicine for the diabetic condition will also be given access.

Furthermore, those patients seeking consultations in private health facilities may also join the club and avail of free maintenance medicines.

As further explained in the article, the program will be initially available among the poor sectors of the community and seeking preventive check-up in the RHUs.

Now, this is what you call “good news.”

What do you think of this initiative? Share your thoughts below!


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