Four Seasons Hotpot City: Enjoy Fresh and Healthy Choices


When in Manila, make sure to drop by Four Seasons Hotpot City for lunch (PhP588 during weekdays, PhP788 during weekends) or dinner (Php788 all throughout the week!) at SM by the Bay in Mall of Asia. The buffet restaurant is strategically placed just a short walk away from Manila Bay.



Brought to us by the same group behind Vikings and Vikings Niu, Four Seasons Hotpot City is another go-to unlimited buffet to fill our hungry tummies! With a wide selection of meat, seafood, noodles, dumplings, veggies, sushi, and more, you’ll surely leave the resto full and satisfied.


Four Seasons Hotpot City has a “supermarket style” theme. We’re loving how you can go around and choose what you want to put in your pot. We also like how fresh everything is!  You’ll see staff refilling the vegetable section in a matter of minutes. For the meat section, however, you will have to order from the counter (if you don’t see anything you like from the already available ready-to-go’s, that is) No worries, though. They’ll deliver your order straight to your table! (Don’t forget to give them your table number!)


TOP PICKS: We especially loved the cheese balls and cheese tofu! Be sure to try their different types of “isaw,” too! (Tip: Once cooked, dip the isaw in sauce for added taste. ;))


If you’re not too sure what sauce you should use or which ingredients you should choose, their staff will gladly assist you. If it’s your first time, don’t be shy to ask around. We’d love to try an all seafood-veggie hotpot or even a cheesy all-meat one!


There’s always room for dessert! After the meal, you can head to the dessert station, ranging from fondue to cakes and ice creams!


Overall, we had a wonderful time at the place. The ambiance is perfect for family dinners or even barkada reunions. You also don’t have to worry about ruining your diet since everything is healthy and fresh! We’ll definitely dine here again! (Last tip: Come early, so you won’t have to wait in line!)


SM By The Bay, Seaside Boulevard, Mall of Asia Complex (MOA), Pasay City