Fostering Health Consciousness: PLDT Home’s Collaboration with mWell

PLDT Home is taking a proactive approach to healthcare by teaming up with the mWell health app. They’re offering their Fiber plan customers a complimentary mWell health pass, aiming to encourage a more proactive attitude towards health.

In response to research showing that only a small percentage of Filipinos regularly visit doctors for check-ups, mWell is promoting the importance of consistent health tracking. This partnership aims to provide PLDT Home Fiber plans 1699 and above with access to the mWell health pass until February 2024.

mWell ambassador Fabio Ide 2

The pass offers various health-related features, including online consultations, e-prescriptions, a library of health and fitness resources, and even an emergency ambulance service through Lifeline.

Evert Chris Miranda, from PLDT Home, emphasizes the importance of family health and wellness. They recently organized an event centered around family health, inviting health and lifestyle influencers for discussions and an indoor cycling session at Electric Studio. The aim was to highlight the significance of regular health check-ups and healthy habits within families.

HolisticWellness with PLDT Home and mWell CLASS 1

The mWell health pass is seen as a valuable tool in supporting overall health goals and providing necessary assistance during emergencies. It’s available to PLDT Home Fiber 1699 and above customers, providing an added layer of support for their health journey. To learn more, visit