UPDATED! Foster the People Live: The band that made Manila jump, sing and dance.


When in Manila and all pumped up, I really hope you were one of those present in the Smart Araneta Coliseum last Saturday as we scream and shout and jump and dance for Foster the People!





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Foster the People is an Indie pop band from Los Angeles, California and is best known for their song, “Pumped up Kicks”. Foster the People is composed of Mark Foster, Cubbie Fink and Mark Pontius. The band was primarily called, “Foster and the People” but people more often call them “Foster the People”, from then the name stuck.




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October 06, 2012 should be written well in history. Foster the People totally rocked Araneta. When the lights went out for the opening act, Techy Romantics, people started to hustle to the stage not minding that there were actually chairs set up. So you could imagine how crazy the crowd went when Foster the People went up on stage and started playing the first song, “Miss you”. And the energy level didn’t diminish. From “Miss You” to “Houdini” to “Call it what you want” and many others, I couldn’t really remember the crowd calming down, save when the band performed, “Ruby”. Of course, we needed to try our best to calm ourselves to really embrace the emotions. The repressed emotions all went out when Foster the People sang their final song, “Pumped up kicks.” Mind you, the audience is estimated at 7,000++ fans!




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You could see in the band faces that they were really having a grand time performing for the Manila people. How? I keep see smiles on their faces while performing! To confirm that, Mark even said “You are a great crowd,” Followed up by “It won’t take long for us to get back here.” O yes! We sure hope so!





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The performances were on-point awesome! (That sounded as an understatement! They were epic!!)  With Foster the People’s unique music, the crowd can’t help but sing and dance along with them. The show turned out to be this great, I-can’t-help-but-sing-and-dance-so-I-will party.



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Just for facts: Mark Foster is the third Foster that came here in the Philippines. His grandfather came here in the 40s while his dad lived here in the 70’s.





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Manila seems to get our own branding when it comes to the concert scene. When Maroon5’s guitarist learned that Foster the People is coming to perform here in the Philippines, he gave a heads up about the crowd and even said we were on pitch. And we didn’t fail him! After letting the audience get their bit of singing Mark Foster commented that, “You guys are actually pretty good.” High five to all! Our love for singing and for Foster the People didn’t end up in nothing.



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During one of the breaks, Mark said, “You guys got history. You guys got passion.” We definitely do! And after Saturday, Foster the People is now part of Manila’s music history.



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When in Manila, be proud if you are part of Foster the People’s unforgettable show! What next for us then? Keep calm and wait for Foster the People to return back here! Hopefully soon!! 



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Photo credits to: Roanne Aujero and John Hudson Go. 

Video credit to: Roanne Aujero. 



Foster the People Live: The band that made Manila jump, sing and dance.