ForMe | Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2011

Charming, Feminine

And Shaped Just ForMe
by Aileen Santos

Women’s bodies are uniquely beautiful, and we come in different shapes and packages.


This is a fact that clothing brand ForMe has always realized, and since 2004 they’ve made it their mission to dress women in classic styles that bring out our best assets while, uhm, skimming over the not-so-best ones.


Last Saturday, however – at SMX Function Room 5, to be exact – ForMe decided to take things to the next level by launching its new collection called the Charmed Life. While having nothing to do with a defunct television series featuring three witches known as the Charmed Ones, the collection does have everything to do with how the modern woman can create her own charmed lifestyle, while seamlessly blending personal style with her daily work-and-play agendas.

The Charmed Life collection came in three acts, encompassing the full story of our current lifestyle clothing needs: laid back Casual outfits, high powered Corporate ensembles, and stunning Evening wear.


The casual line was dominated by pale and dark neutral colors in light fabrics that drape themselves softly over the body, giving off a relaxed vibe.

This laid back feel is almost palpable, from the silk-light jumpsuits that remind you to just chill out in your condo, to the flouncy feminine dresses that could take you from the mall to an afternoon date, to the more corporate-casual outfits that might bring you to a cafe meeting with a client or dinner with some friends.


Meanwhile, the Charmed Life‘s corporate outfits weren’t so much “high powered” as they were “feminine powered,” because instead of clothes that screamed “I’m your boss and you will do as I say.” they instead firmly and softly said, “I am always a lady, in this office and outside, and I’m used to being treated with admiration and respect.”

Communicating this message loud and clear were classic cut dresses in pastels and neutrals, workwear separates with skirts that either shaped and hugged your curves or tantalizingly flounced around as you walked, and a wide array of accessories & detail: wide obi belts that accentuated the waist, bags that could go from the meeting room to the function room, and surprising add ons like a trench coat or shimmery pants.


The final act introduced deep emerald tones to classic black evening outfits: one piece dresses with asymmetrical sleeves, evening wear separates that would include flowing pants or shimmery capris, and deep emerald leggings paired with variations of the little black dress.

Evening wear wouldn’t be complete without accessories, and the Charmed Life collection brought it: layered on necklaces, bags to match each dress, belts that ranged from wide & glittery to slim ones that came in gold string or black leather.


Crowning the collection was the appearance of ForMe image ambassador Charlene Gonzalez, who appeared in a body-hugging sheer lace top and a ballroom-worthy A-line floor length skirt, all in black.


Although it was the end of the show, Charlene welcomed the audience as if it were just the beginning. And come to think of it – as the Charmed Life collection becomes available to every woman of every shape and size in the country – it actually is.


Charming, Feminine, and Shaped Just ForMe

ForMe | Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2011

Coverage of the ForMe Fashion Show
12 May 2011 / 8pm / SMX Center
Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2011

Aileen Santos is a Relationship Coach & A-ha! Trainer who equips smart single men & women with better relationship skills that help them find & grow Real and Lasting Love. And yes, “communicating the right message with the right clothes” is part of the process.


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Charming, Feminine, and Shaped Just ForMe

ForMe | Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2011


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