For Worry-Free Trips, Use Toursafe Anti-Theft Wheeled Gear Bag from Pacsafe

Ever since I witnessed how a colleague lost her luggage during our Euro trip last year, I promised myself, that I’ll be really careful and do better practices in order to prevent that from happening to me.

Aside from being extra vigilant whenever in a foreign city, I decided to invest in better bags that can help me ease my worries.

Pacsafe is the only brand I know and trust when it comes to anti-theft bags, so I was thrilled when I saw that they also have a variety of bags with the same anti-theft features which I learned to love over the years.


During my trip to Europe I few months ago, I decided to bring with me my Pacsafe Camsafe camera backpack and this Pacsafe Toursafe™ EXP34  (SRP P18,990), a 34in (86cm) lightweight, wheeled gear bag. It has tons of new extra safety features to ensure I never lose any valuables like the Roobar™ anti-theft anchor lock, interlocking zipper pullers and locking cable combined with reinforced, lightweight yet heavy duty handles, kickplate and heavy duty wheels to help me tackle tough terrain and outsmart even tougher threats.


has lots of compartments

has lots of compartments


It has lots of pockets and compartments, so I was able to organize my clothes, toiletries, and even my pasalubongs to take home from the journey.

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The Pacsafe Toursafe™ EXP34 has eXomesh® Slashguard to prevent slashers from opening my luggage. This new eXomesh® protection extends the full length of the bag protecting my gear from opportunistic theft or if it’s snagged by a conveyor belt or luggage handlers.


It features Interlocking Zip Pullers that ingeniously slide on top of one another and interconnect making it harder for pickpockets to unzip my bag and whip out valuables. When engaged with the Roobar™ even the most seasoned thieves will be left scratching their heads on how to unlock it.

The Roobar™ also allows multiple compartments to be locked together with a single padlock.


It also has puncture resistant ToughZip™ that helps prevent pickpocket pilfering and forced entry into my Toursafe™ luggage with a ballpoint pen or similar sharp object. It even helps to prevent unwanted items (such as contraband) being unknowingly placed inside my luggage. Pretty cool huh?

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Last but not the least, it also has a Stainless Steel Locking Cable that lets me lock my bag to a secure fixture to prevent thieves from running off with my bag. 


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