For Men Centre: A sanctuary for real men!

When In Manila and you’re a guy who wants to have a facial treatment the For Men Facial Care Centre should be your go-to place!





I wouldn’t lie but I get my facial almost every month! I’m very obedient to my dermatologist, when she says that I need to have this and that then I’ll get it! I can also say that I tried almost, if not all, facial centers available in the metro! Crazy no?

Yes, this wouldn’t be my first time trying For Men Facial Care Centre. I’ve been to their Ortigas branch before, when I was at the point of crazily trying it all. This time I was at their Makati branch and the location of it was not as I’ve expected! It’s situated on the 16th floor of GT Tower along Ayala Avenue. 


The view from my room! 



After a quick consultation they know what treatment would suit my skin and the therapist accompanied me to the room. The room was very clean and doesn’t look like the typical treatment room of other facial centers. At For Men you’ll be in the comfort of your own room, there’s no other costumer other than you inside. It’s peaceful and quiet, no music that would really make you uncomfortable plus it smells good!



They also made me wear this!



The treatment that I had was called “Shizen”. It started with a quick head and neck massage and followed by the facial proper. I have a book entitled “How to wash your face” which is written by Dr. Barney J. Kenet, a New York based Dermatologic Surgeon. He said that “you need a relatively good skin for a facial”. Does it sound crazy to you? He further explained it by saying, “The truth is that facials make good skin looks better. If your skin is not in good shape, you may be asking for trouble.”

So for your next visit to the facial center don’t forget to ask your dermatologist what facial treatment would best suit your skin type. Okay! Let’s go back with mine. The facial according to my therapist at For Men Facial Care Centre has three parts: the massage, the cleansing and the mask. The facial massage according to Dr. Kenet should be “gentle” and doesn’t tug the skin of our face. And I think my therapist does really know what she is doing! She also explained to me what does a facial massage does to my skin. She said that it will help in the blood circulation in my face that would make it smooth.


My room has a good view of Makati, it just doesn’t show at this angle!


After a good facial massage she cleansed my face by extracting the unwanted things at my face like whiteheads and blackheads. I really liked it when my therapist noted how good I was in taking care of my skin. I also liked how she was gentle in the extraction process! I didn’t feel like she was doing something unlike my previous experience that made me cry because of the pain! 

And then she prepared the mask that would be used for my face. I forgot to ask what it is specifically but I think it’s a mud mask. It looks like one too! The mask was on my face for a good 30 minutes that was also used as a nap time! Another component that Dr. Kenet expressed, “Facial should be relaxing. When we feel relaxed, we look better.”

The mask that was used on my face.



At the end, I was really happy with the service and treatment that For Men Facial Care Centre gave me. There are men who doesn’t want to get caught that they’re entering facial centers. For that problem, For Men is the solution! You will get the treatment that you really need to get and you’re rest assured that you’re well taken care of.


For Men Facial Care Centre also uses products that are exclusively made for them. I like their sunblock, it smells good and doesn’t make your face oily as your face absorbs it really well.



Look at that smile! It shows how good the facial was.





Makati (16th Floor GT Tower Ayala Ave Cor HV Dela Costa St. Salcedo Vill Makati City)

Contact Details: (02) 856 0503 and (02) 856 1190


Other Branches:

Tomas Morato (4/f CKB Center Tomas Morato Cor. Scout Rallos Quezon City)

Alabang (3/f Citibank Building 1100 Alabang Zapote Rd. Madrigal Business Park Muntinlupa City)

Like their Facebook Page: For MEN Philippines



Photos by Nikko Panti



For Men Centre: A sanctuary for real men!


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