FOR HIRE: Third Wheel Photographer for Valentine’s Day

We’ve seen quite a few guys putting themselves out for hire for Chinese New Year and for Valentine’s Day (Agassi Ching is definitely a catch!), but what about the people in happy relationships? Can’t we get any fun out of this? :p

Well, it looks like we can! Hilary Buenaflor came up with the perfect ‘for hire’ post for couples who want to enjoy the holidays without worrying about asking people to take their photos at restaurants and during other plans they might have during this special day: as a third wheel photographer! Hallelujah!

In her Facebook posts, she says, “Dahil MEDYO malapit na ang February 14 Valentine’s Day, syempre hindi magpapatalo ang mga Photographer. nauuso nanaman yung mga “Boyfriend for hire” at “Girlfriend for hire”. So para maiba naman. Ako po si Hilary Buenaflor, ang photographer niyo. :)”

Amongst her skills, she lists that she can climb posts, can tolerate PDA, won’t get jealous of you, is kind, is patient (that means you can ask for as many pictures as you want and be as sweet as you want :p), is flexible, is cute and, of course, is good at photography (or so people say, she says).

Check out her full post here:


Now these are the people who can make a lot of money this Valentine’s Day. Hahaha. I want to take this post seriously because I would love to have a third wheel photographer sometime, but you’d better ask her if she means it. :p

What are your plans this February 14? 🙂