Five Kinds of Food You’ll Meet in Foodgasm


Food has always been one of the main attractions When in Manila. Food never fails to satisfy and unceasingly provides us with flavors that tickle our taste buds.

Foodgasm, is what we usually feel when eat something that provides us with the sensation of great taste, texture and presentation.

Food is indeed a heavenly experience especially when you put them side by side waiting to be devoured.  That’s exactly what Foodgasmic is all about. It’s an event that brings food together to be experienced by food enthusiasts, the plus side is that in this event you don’t just get to taste the food, you also get to critique it! *eat and tell*  




Foodgasm : mingle with other foodies, see how food’s made, ask the story behind it, eat and rate.

In my experience amidst the roster of countless food stalls, I discovered that there are similar themes, tastes, concepts, and such behind each food. 

Here are the top five kinds of food I’ve encountered in Foodgasm. I’m sure you’ve met something similar to these. 


The Dessert Corner

“There’s always room for dessert”, yes, even in food bazaars dessert stalls are prominent mainly because we just love a sweet ending to a flavorful meal. Desserts are perfect for events like these because they’re easy to eat. These food treats were the most notable ones from the bunch of dessert.

  • Pretentieux, S.A.: Petite Joie – Rice Crispies on the outside soft and gooey inside!
  • New Zealand Natural Premium Ice Cream : Ice Cream – This won the as the overall champion of foodgasm. It made use of milk from New Zealand thus the extra creamy texture and perfectly sweet ice cream
  • Ricasa’s Kitchen: Flan de Coco – My personal favorite! Flan topped with coco shreddings! The flan’s really creamy and it has a mild sweet taste to it.
  • The Cupcake Dealer: Black Velvet – The famous velvet cupcake in Black! This specific cupcake overcame the others’ for its moist texture and perfect cream cheese frosting.

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