Flapjacks Breakfast & Lunch Food Review

If you’re looking for some delicious, dependable and comforting food When in Manila, stop on over at any Flapjacks for some scrumptious breakfast!






Flapjacks is a chain that you can find all over Manila and there’s a reason for that:  it’s good!! When I went there with writers Cheryl, Ivy and Philippe we decided to test our their breakfast dishes accompanied with their delicious fruit summer smoothies!


Beef Tapa




Classic beef tapa with garlic rice and 2 eggs cooked in any style 325PhP


One of the first things we tried was the Classic Beef Tapa. Of course, it wouldn’t have been prepared in the proper Pinoy way without garlic rice and eggs to compliment it! Very big portions (which worked out for sharing 🙂 ) and great tasting beef, which might explain why this is a best seller.


Smoked Chicken Longganisa




Homemade chicken sausage, garlic rice and 2 eggs (cooked any style) 285PhP


I am a sucker for Longganisa, so we got the chicken Longganisa as I had only had beef. Flapjacks‘ dish is definitely delicious though I think I’ll stick with the traditional in the future.


American Platter




Breakfast garlic sausage, bacon, pancake and 2 eggs (cooked any style) 395PhP


Of course, we would be missing out if we didn’t get to sneak some American breakfast in there. We got the Flapjack breakfast platter with pancakes (also called flapjacks if you didn’t know!). Heaps of butter = yummy…Add some eggs and sausage in there and you have a feast!


Okay, so I might have lied a little. While we started with breakfast platters we wanted to make sure we didn’t miss out on the lunch and dinner favorites!


BBQ Pork Ribs Combo



Tender, tasty pork ribs in BBQ sauce served with tex-mex rice and potato Waldorf salad 385PhP


RIBS! My absolute favorite. They were tender to the point where the meat slid off of the bones while being smothered in BBQ sauce. A deadly combo! Heaping portions of seasoned rice comes with as well.



Country Fried Chicken Breast



Served with creamy gravy, tex-mex rice and macaroni salad 295PhP


The last dish we chowed down on was Flapjacks’ Country Fried Chicken Breast. Another great option if your looking for some traditional breaded chicken with sauce to boot.






The staff was also wonderful and friendly. It took a bit to get the order, but with so many dishes just as they opened up I guess it’s to be expected. So if you’re ever in a pickle and don’t know where to go for breakfast, check out Flapjacks for some good eatin’!