Five New Delicious Reasons to Visit Yoree Korean Dining

Written by Geraldine Grace Hoggang (@geraldinegracehoggang)

If you want to experience authentic Korean food, you don’t have to travel all the way to Korea anymore since you can experience it in the Philippines, at Yoree Korean Dining.

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Yoree 1

Located at Bonifacio Global City, this restaurant brings to Filipino people the foodgasmic cuisine along with a great dining experience–from the very accommodating chefs and waiters, the very ambience of the place with Korean calligraphy decors, the tables where you could watch some selected meals to be boiled or grilled in front of you, and up to the side dishes which are unlimited!

Yoree 2

Yoree 3

But it doesn’t end there–Yoree stays true to bringing Korean dishes to the country with five new dishes they added to their menu:


This Korean salad has Tuna Sashimi as its highlight along with a mixture of cucumber, lettuce, and rice. Just add as much hot sauce as you want and you’re really in for a fresh, healthy treat. For only Php 498, you could share this dish with a group of four!

Yoree Hoedeopbap

Budae Jjigae

The history of this dish goes back to the Korean war when food was scarce so people just mixed American surplus ingredients with traditional Korean ones. This is why this Army Based Stew is a fusion of spam, sausage and beans with kimchi, tofu and noodles. And this is one of the dishes you could watch boil in front of you. The aroma alone is foodgasmic! With Php 598, your group of two to three would be able to experience this famous traditional Korean dish.

Yoree Budae Jjigae 1

Yoree Budae Jjigae 2

Dak Bokkeumtang

This is another spicy addition to the new menu of Yoree. The main ingredient of this dish is the spicy braised Korean chicken served along with potato and leeks. Just like Budae Jjigae, this is also one of the dishes you could have re-heated in front of you. This pot of Dak Bokkeumtang, filled with spicy goodness of chicken and potato, is worth the Php 648, and you could enjoy this with two to three friends!

Yoree Dak Bokkeumtang


This dish is a Fermented Kimchi Pancake. This is not the regular pancake you are thinking of and this is also definitely very unlike the regular pancake you’ve tasted. This thick pancake comes with a savory sauce used as a dip! And you could pig this out solo or with a friend at only Php 148.

Yoree Kimchijeon

LA Galbi

My personal favorite! This dish is a marinated USDA prime bone in short rib grilled in front of you which takes around 5-10 minutes. While you wait, you could admire the meat turning golden brown and take in the aroma as it cooks. This is served with lettuce, soy bean paste, bamboo salt, and sweet sauce–yes you could make an utterly delish samgyeopsal and you could just taste how well the meat was marinated. You won’t have to think twice because your Php 798 is definitely worth it!

Yoree LA Galbi 1

Yoree LA Galbi 2

If you’re on a budget, you could always bring your barkada or your family to share! By the time you walk out the doors of Yoree Korean Restaurant, you would actually be immediately thinking of coming back again.

I know I would!

Yoree Korean Dining

BGC Branch:
The Forum, 7th Avenue corner Federacion Drive, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

Alabang Branch:
Molito Commercial Complex, Alabang, Muntinlupa City


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