AROUND THE WORLD: 11 Great Things To Do When In South Korea

When in Manila Korea, make sure to try these cool activities!


1. Hike up to N Seoul Tower

Instead of taking a cable car, take a scenic hike up to the famous N Seoul Tower! It takes a lot more effort but it will definitely make the climb to the love locks more memorable.korea- photo_2016-07-08_11-25-06

korea- photo_2016-07-08_11-25-09

korea- photo_2016-07-08_11-25-11 (2)

korea- photo_2016-07-08_11-25-12


2. Visit the love locks

Lock in that love with a love lock! Or, for the loveless, ogle the lovers and as they pledge their undying love to the world. There are restaurants which serve beer so you can drink while judging the lovey dovey types up there.

korea- photo_2016-07-08_11-25-14 (2)

korea- photo_2016-07-08_11-25-14


3. Go see the LED Rose Garden in Dongdaemun

A definite must see. This is unlike any garden you’ve seen before!

korea- photo_2016-07-08_11-25-16 (2)

korea- photo_2016-07-08_11-25-17

korea- photo_2016-07-08_11-25-15


4. Explore Hanok Village

Take in the sights at this cultural village. Korean houses line the pretty streets and make for great photo backdrops!

korea- photo_2016-07-08_11-25-21 (2)

korea- photo_2016-07-08_11-25-22

korea- photo_2016-07-08_11-25-35


5. Visit the Gyeongbokgung Palace

The Gyeongbokgung Palace or the Northern Palace is also a definite must see. Be sure to catch the guard changing ceremony!

korea- photo_2016-07-08_11-25-41

korea- photo_2016-07-08_11-25-42

korea- photo_2016-07-08_11-25-43 (2)


6. Get lost in the city!

Find your way around the city, explore and discover unique places to get a true feel of Seoul. Everything is reachable via the subway and maps are readily available at the stations.korea- photo_2016-07-08_11-25-21

korea- photo_2016-07-08_11-25-39

korea- photo_2016-07-08_11-25-48 (2)

korea- photo_2016-07-08_11-25-47

korea- photo_2016-07-08_11-25-51


7. Indulge in Soju!

Because when in Korea, you must get drunk on Soju! It’s cheap and available everywhere! We also discovered that they came in different flavors. Pro tip: try the peach flavored Soju.

korea- photo_2016-07-08_11-25-45

korea- photo_2016-07-08_11-25-46 (2)

korea- photo_2016-07-08_11-26-07


8. Go clubbing – Korean style

They didn’t say ‘Gangnam style’ for nothing! The party scenes at Gangnam, Hongdae, and Itaewon are epic!

korea- photo_2016-07-08_11-25-46

9. Indulge in good food!

Remember, this is the land of Korean barbecue. It would be a great disservice to the country to not have as much as you can eat. korea- photo_2016-07-08_11-25-50 (2)

korea- photo_2016-07-08_11-25-50


10. Shop at Common Ground

This artsy container van mall is one of a kind. The three storey compound is a great place to shop at or you could chill in one of the restaurants located at the 3rd floor terrace area.
korea- photo_2016-07-08_11-25-52 (2)

korea- photo_2016-07-08_11-25-54 (2)

korea- photo_2016-07-08_11-26-06


11. Visit Everland Theme Park

Great rides and a mini zoo can be found at this park. Did I mention they have pandas?
korea- photo_2016-07-08_11-26-08

korea- photo_2016-07-08_11-26-11

korea- photo_2016-07-08_11-26-12

When In Korea, make sure you don’t miss doing any of these!

Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments section below!


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