First Stand-alone Cancer Facility in the Philippines Now Open in Laguna

Global Care Cancer Institute (GCCI) is the very first stand-alone Cancer Facility in the Philippines with complete facilities, renowned medical talents, and care. Located In Bay, Laguna, it is accessible to the country’s capital and its nearby cities in Southern Luzon and is transforming the way cancer patients are treated with new means of understanding the disease. Last November 26, it was officially opened to the public through a grand launch done through a motorcade and a press conference attended by its founders, board members, and local government heads, with the special participation of Guest of Honor, broadcast journalist Karen Davila and producer/influencer Darla Sauler, hosted by singer/songwriter/host Miguel Mendoza.

Cancer is the leading cause of mortality worldwide. In the Philippines, it has been one of the leading diseases that kill Filipinos.

In a study conducted by the University of the Philippines’ Institute of Human Genetics in 2018, 189 out of 100,000 Filipinos are afflicted with cancer. Four Filipinos die every hour or 96 patients every day.

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In recent years, extensive oncological care could only be obtained in Metro Manila. Patients outside the country’s capital are challenged to receive the appropriate medical care but a new day has come.

Established in 2018, this stand-alone cancer facility in Bay, Laguna aims to be the preferred center for holistic cancer care and management in Southern Luzon.

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“Our mission and vision are to provide safe, timely, efficient, equitable, effective, patient-focused cancer care by expert, multi-disciplinary health care teams committed to delivering responsive, compassionate, comprehensive cancer management,” said Engr. Ricardo Celino, Board Member of GCCI and Overall Chairman of all Global Hospitals.

With its tagline “The hand to heal and the heart to care,” GCCI has everything under one roof right. It has top-of-the-line facilities so you don’t have to go anywhere anymore,” said Mr. Oliver Perez, VP & Head of Diagnostic Imaging Siemens Headliners.

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You are always sure that if you go to GCCI you will get the best-personalized care not only for cancer but even after cancer care. Staffed with trained oncologists, and medical specialists that provide service to the other pillars of oncology like surgery, nutrition, psychiatry, and more. this Covid-free facility is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities for chemotherapy, radiation, nutritional guidance, minor surgery, and nuclear medicine.

According to GCCI President Dr. Necy Juat,  “It’s like a home. It is like your home here in Bay.  As you would be part of our family, we’ll treat you as one. Here, you will have a healing environment.”

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