Fine Comfort Food by Chef King Fonacier at Maximo Cook’s Table

When in Manila and craving for great food to share with great company then Maximo Comfort Cuisine and Casual Dining Restaurant is your next destination. Maximo is a restaurant that specializes is serving food to share and for the next few months, they will also feature a roster of under the radar chefs. Last time, we got to know King Fonacier, a chef who has a knack for simple, no-fuss dishes with a huge taste for flavour and comfort food.

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#MaximoCooksTable is held at the second floor of Maximo Restaurant that also doubles up as an events place for intimate gatherings.

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Chef King Fonacier’s menu for the night

At first his menu’s inspiration was culinary school but it turned out to be a mix of things. “I guess it’s culinary school meets comfort food.” says Chef King.  And “fine comfort food” it was–with soft textures, delectable meat, and savoury sauces being the consistent elements of each dish.

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Truffle Canapés

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Oyster Fritters with Wasabi Aioli

We had  starters first, with canapes and fritters as appetizers that were nothing short of delicious. The oyster fritters stood out for me as it was something unusual: oyster dipped in batter, fried to perfection, and drizzled with a kick of wasabi aioli.

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Classic Prawn Bisque with Scallop Croutons

The soup was pretty refreshing and got me slurping one spoon after the other. The crunchy scallop croutons perfectly complemented the rich and creamy consistency of the soup. It was a comforting combination of crunchy and creamy.

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