Find Out What Filipino Food You Are Based on Your Zodiac Sign!

What do the stars tell you about your favorite Filipino food?

Well, you can now find out thanks to two foodies, Joanne Boston of @jbkollaborations and Albert Balbutin of @FilipinoFoodArt, who created a jaw-dropping art series wherein they assigned a Filipino dish to each sign of the Zodiac!

Filipino Food Zodiac

Joanne and Albert determined the specific characteristics that best described each sign, based on a short survey conducted on Instagram, and identified the viand that encapsulated those characteristics. They then created cute characters to make the art piece fun and endearing!

As someone who dabbles in astrology, I was very much amused by how apt each of the chosen dishes was for its corresponding Zodiac sign. I particularly loved that Joanne and Albert indicated the stereotypical characteristics on each artwork to explain how they made the connection.

The Lechon, with its crispy golden skin, for example, was chosen for my sign, Leo, as a symbolism of our pride, vanity, and confidence in our own skin. Meanwhile, the Sisig was chosen for the sign of Gemini, who is known for being the life of the party and for their adaptability.

Check them all out below!

Aries Bicol

Taurus Kare kare

Gemini Sisig

Cancer Adobo

Leo Lechon

Virgo Sinigang

Libra Pancit

Scorpio Dinuguan

Sagittarius Lumpia

Capricorn Kaldereta

Aquarius Silog

Pisces Tinola

Check out Joanne’s work here.

Check out Albert’s work here.

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