Find Clarity and Purpose: An Awakening Awareness at Astbury

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of daily life. We’re constantly bombarded with distractions, noise, and stress. We often forget to take a moment to pause and reflect on our inner selves. This is where the Awakening Awareness at Astbury retreat comes in.


Photo by Awakening Awareness

This two-day program, brought to you by Illumine Journey and Satori Space, is designed to help you cultivate self-discovery and connect with your community in a meaningful way. Through the use of emotional calibration techniques and energy healing modalities, you’ll gain mind-body alignment and a newfound sense of inner peace.


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The workshop is centered around Emotional Freedom Technique, also known as “tapping.” This powerful modality helps to clear emotional blockages and negative thought patterns, releasing stress and anxiety. You’ll learn how to navigate your emotions delicately and mindfully, providing a space for powerful transformation.

This soul-care workshop will give you the opportunity to experience the following:

  • Body Awareness
  • Emotional Calibration Tools
  • Himalayan Yoga Kriya
  • Sound Bath Healing

Get to know your space holders

Kish Shroff, the founder of Illumine Journey, is a Himalayan Kriya Yoga practitioner, executive coach, and reiki energy healer. On the other hand, Faye De Leon is a sound healer, holistic tarot, oracle reader, and reiki practitioner. In addition, she is the founder of Satori Space Reiki and Wellness.



Photo by Awakening Awareness

To further enhance your experience, Astbury will serve a specially curated meal during the program. This menu has been carefully crafted to nourish both your body and mind. The ingredients are thoughtfully selected to provide optimal nutrition and support mental clarity. You’ll enjoy a delicious meal that’s been prepared with mindfulness and intention, further complementing your journey towards self-discovery. Each participant will be served the following:

  • Seared mushroom, caramelized onion, pickled cucumber, and leafy greens on house-made sourdough read
  • Fresh carabao cheese fritters with herb lime dip
  • Banana and chocolate truffles

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to cultivate mindfulness and renewal in a beautiful, serene setting. This will happen on March 25th and 26th from 6:00 pm – 9:30 pm at Sunbird Rooftop of The Astbury, a boutique oasis within the heritage district of Poblacion in Makati.

Awaken your senses, reconnect with your inner self, and discover a newfound sense of purpose. Sign up now today. To register, message Kish at +639178315053. Limited slots available (15 pax). First come first served basis.