Revealing Poblacion Secrets That Will Make You Visit It Again

Written by Desa Desiree Tayting | Photos by Eunick Nobe

Hip neon lights and cool bars after office hours aren’t new to us in Makati, especially when in Poblacion. Did you know that Poblacion is tagged as the second most important district of Makati? We can’t help but love the whole area, especially because most of the to-go night-out spots and hole-in-the-wall restaurants can be found there.

It seems to be getting livelier than ever, too, as more cool and chill places are being established there, giving us more reasons to go back again and again. During our recent visit, we learned about events and secrets spots that you definitely shouldn’t miss!

The Apartment

This secret hideout is now revealed! Take the stairs to the 5th floor of a building and you’ll find this cool place.

04Z Hostel The Ruins The Apartment 45

It was a jazz night when we visited.

The Apartment is a bar located inside what looks like an actual apartment – complete with all of its parts: a living room where events happen every night, a bedroom where you can actually lie down and party with your friends, an attic with a bar, a roof deck, and a dining area! It opens at 8PM Wednesdays to Saturdays.

04Z Hostel The Ruins The Apartment 44

The dining area is open for both serious and fun talks.

04Z Hostel The Ruins The Apartment 46

The attic is very inviting on a Friday night.

04Z Hostel The Ruins The Apartment 43

It feels like a real house party’s going on here.

Since the Apartment is a bit of a secret place, ask the front desk of Z Hostel to find out where it is! (Hint: it has a red door!)

The Ruins

04Z Hostel The Ruins The Apartment 35

Art enthusiasts, this one’s for you. The Ruins is an art hub which showcases paintings and artworks of different local and international artists like their resident French artist, Henri Lamy. Henri amazed us with the paintings that he created through capoeira painting. Painting while doing capoeira? The result is a must-see!

04Z Hostel The Ruins The Apartment 37

Henri Lamy: he’s French, but knows how to speak Tagalog well.

At night, they serve drinks at the bar; but during the day, the place serves as an events place with a rustic and vintage ambiance. It’s not named “The Ruins” for nothing!

04Z Hostel The Ruins The Apartment 51

This old beautiful house has been turned into an events place.

The Ruins is just a few steps away from the building where The Apartment is located.

Cafe and Rooftop Bar at Z Hostel

Your Poblacion experience won’t be complete without dropping by Z Hostel, a traveler hostel that reinvents itself from being a luxury hostel to being a social hostel where everyone is welcome. Here are our favorites from their cafe:

04Z Hostel The Ruins The Apartment 47

Margherita Pizza – P215

They say this pizza is good for one person. This confused us at first because it’s pretty big. After tasting it, though, we understood that one person could really finish it on their own – it’s that good!


04Z Hostel The Ruins The Apartment 24

Sizzling Sisig – P190

Cafe has their own version of sisig, too. This crispy pork facemask with a fresh egg on top is a must-try!


04Z Hostel The Ruins The Apartment 29

Z Cheese Burger – P280

Made from 100% beef with just the right amount of fat, the patty of this burger is extra juicy. It is cooked from the griddle, and served with lettuce and tomato in a fresh sesame bun. Add P50 for French fries!


04Z Hostel The Ruins The Apartment 28

Bagnet with KBL – P250

When you see this on their menu, it just says, “Our take on bacon. ‘Nuff said.” That pretty much says everything about it!

The vibe of Z Hostel’s rooftop bar is sure to always keep you happy and chilled out when you’re there. With a long list of drinks to choose from, get drunk on both the booze and the view of the Makati skyline.

04Z Hostel The Ruins The Apartment 14

Complete the Poblacion experience by getting a drink or two (or even three) at Z Rooftop Bar.

04Z Hostel The Ruins The Apartment 8

Your first drink during the sunset session, from 6-7PM, is on them.

Whether you like revisiting places or not, Poblacion is one place you should think about going back to. It is truly a haven for people who like to socialize, meet new people, and hang out with or without booze.

Z Hostel

5660 Don Pedro St. 1210 Makati