6 Places You Should Visit When You’re in Poblacion, Makati

Makati isn’t just a business district. It’s also occupied with specialty restaurants and hole-in-the-wall after-work destinations for workers looking for a place to relax, have fun, and enjoy good food.  

Led by Tralulu, we got to experience a whole new side of Makati. In case you didn’t know, Tralulu is a digital booking platform that allows tourists to explore areas with locals that suit their interests: eating, playing sports, travelling, etc. With them as guides, travelers can experience the place exactly the way that they do. This allows you to get the realest, most authentic, and culturally the best immersive experience. Tralulu is also available in countries like Cambodia, Indonesia, and Singapore. 

We got to go on a food trip in Poblacion, Makati as part of our Tralulu package. I have been going to Makati for years now, but I never knew the places we went to even existed! That just goes to say that, even as locals, you can still experience something new in areas you might think you’re familiar with. 

 6 Places You Should Visit in Poblacion, Makati

El Chupacabra
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This Tex-Mex restaurant is actually already pretty famous, but it still deserves to be visited despite the mainstream factor. The place has a really cool interior and they have mouth-watering tacos to satisfy your Mexican cravings. 

IMG 0024


IMG 0067

Adobo, kare-kare, sinigang – you name it! This homey restaurant serves Filipino comfort food that will remind you of your mother’s cooking at home. Nothing beats classic and delicious cuisine that is proudly Filipino. 

IMG 0098

IMG 0116


Without a doubt, this is one of the chillest drinking places I’ve been to with amazing pika-pika. Their specialty is Yakitori, which is basically meat on a stick (whichever meat you prefer), but their isaw and chicken skin are also good, so you won’t even care if they’re a bit sinful to eat. Match these with an ice-cold beer and you’re good for the night. 

IMG 0166

They have caskets and wood as tables and chairs, too, which makes the place incredibly chill to hang out in, as if you’re literally tambay-ing somewhere. They also have a bar upstairs suitable for your chillnuman sessions if you want to take a break from partying at clubs.


IMG 0169

You will fall in love with Bucky’s for two reasons: its concept and the quality of the food that they serve. 

IMG 0191

Bucky’s inspiration is all the food we loved growing up with: cookies, brownies, and their masterpiece: ice cream. They have their signature “Bucky’s Parfait”, which is soft-served ice cream topped with ingredients of your choice that are all made from scratch. As you take a bite of this delicious creation, it’ll take you down memory lane and make you reminisce about how good and comforting it feels to be treated like a child again. 

Pineapple Lab

IMG 0204

This underrated gallery is a place you should definitely visit if you’re into art. They showcase artwork of upcoming talents that fit their theme for the month. What you’ll see will be raw, genuine, and as valuable as an undiscovered jewel that is waiting to be noticed.  

IMG 0225

There’s no entrance fee in Pineapple Lab and you can shoot as much as you want. Who knows? With your help, you can help publicize the work of these amazing artists through the pictures you take as you drop by the museum, so don’t forget to credit them! 

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Hop Inn Makati Avenue 

Hop Inn Makati Avenue isn’t part of Tralulu’s itinerary, but after a long walk (and full bellies), we decided to crash there to cap off the day. 

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Hop Inn Makati Avenue is truly affordable, but that doesn’t compromise its comfort. Their beds are still undeniably soft, the showers are 100% hygienic, and it doesn’t hurt that their Wi-Fi is fast, too. If you’re looking for a cheap place to spend the night after a long day of work or adventure, this hotel is perfect. 

Go to Poblacion and experience all of these places yourself or get a local through Tralulu. Either way, I’m sure you will have as much fun as we did! 



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