Filipino-Style Banh Mi Spices Up Dezato Mochi’s Sweet Menu

If you’re in the New Manila area and craving for some banh mi or a not-so-usual sweet fix, then head over to Dezato Mochi.


This cafe has been around for quite a while now, but still whips up new offers for first time visitors and staple customers to enjoy. Initially known for its signature mochi balls, Dezato Mochi has expanded its menu recently with Banh Mi To Go — a selection of mouthwatering banh mi filled with favorites and also done with a twist.


For those on the safe side, then Dezato Mochi’s Chicken and Pork Banh Mi are perfect for any time of the day. Health conscious folks need not worry as Dezato Mochi also has the Tofu Banh Mi. Those who want Pinoy flavors are sure to find irresistible treats in the Longganisa and Tapa Banh Mi, which come with sunny side up egg. Surely, nobody would bother skipping breakfast with these babies.


The banh mis are packed with pickles, carrots, green onion, mayo, and pork liver pate and are squeezed generously in freshly-baked bread that’s good enough to eat on its own.

They are enjoyed best with Iced Vietnamese Coffee, which can give even the most serial coffee drinkers a serious kick.


And since Dezato Mochi is more than just the haunt for great banh mi and mochi, they also have a line-up of dishes that make for awesome tummy treats any day. With picks that are good for breakfast, lunch, snack, or dinner, Dezato Mochi can take anyone to a flavor feast that won’t even make a dent on the budget.

Here are some must-tries at Dezato Mochi:



Spring Rolls (P75)

Each crunchy bite oozes with pork, carrots, ear mushroom, and vermicelli. It’s an appetizing start to every meal.


Squash Soup (P120)

Surprisingly good and can be enjoyed with steaming rice or on its own.




Dezato Mochi’s pasta squad does not disappoint with two star offers: the Shrimp and Garlic Pasta (P200) and Longganisa Liver Pasta (P185). Take the former if you want something subdued yet delicious or gorge on the latter if you want a party for your palate.




Expect rice meals to be not as plain at Dezato Mochi with their own takes on the Bacon Slab (P175) and Adobo Flakes (P165).

Of course, mochi is the name of the dining game at Dezato Mochi and their sticky rice balls infused only with the most scrumptious fillings of ice cream and chocolate are sure to please anyone, anytime.


If you want to cap your meal with something cold, adventurous, and refreshing then savor the many different flavors of the joint’s Mochi Ice Cream. Choose from a variety that will leave you wanting a little of each: dark chocolate, red velvet, salted caramel, mint chocolate chip, green tea, brazo de mercedes, apple pie, and kapeng barako.


Now if you want something traditional yet delectably sweet, then go for the chocolate-filled Mochi Balls that come in dark chocolate, white chocolate with walnuts, milk chocolate, and also green tea. These balls can also serve as thoughtful gifts for family and friends (since Christmas is almost here) as they come in lovely gift boxes.

Homemade goodness doesn’t get any better here at Dezato Mochi, so drop by whether to sample their banh mi, menu favorites, or signature mochi. Check out Rattus Yu’s visit to Dezato Mochi, too, and enjoy a peek of this tempting food haunt on video.

Dezato Mochi

100 Hemady St. New Manila, Quezon City
(02) 727 1229
Instagram: @dezatomochi