Dezato Mochi Cafe: One of Manila’s Top Dessert Places! Must Try Their Signature Mochi Balls!


When in Manila and craving for Mochi balls, there is only 1 place to remember…. Dezato Mochi Cafe!


2 yrs ago, it was our editor Vince who featured this place. He told me  it’s his favorite dessert place so I got even more curious!  I feel very fortunate for giving me this assignment because for the longest time, I’ve been really curious on what mochi balls are!   Whenever I go to Parvati for dessert, I always see groups of people enjoying and talking about ice cream mochi balls. hmmmmm…


For my guests this week, I’ve invited Badeth to help me out in taking photos. I practiced photography with her almost every week last year so I’m very confident with her skills! Also, I’ve invited my brilliant artist friend Nel Diamond of Indefinite Stone along with his girlfriend Ayen to share this experience with me! =)


Before dinner, I had the chance to have a quick chat with the owner Maria Gorre! I find her really cool! She told me about the beginnings of the cafe as well as her passion in making mochi balls. I found out that she already started making mochi balls 2 years before she opened the cafe! It’s obvious that she really loves what she does!  It made me realize that  in order to be successful in life,  you really have to follow your passion. Talking with her was a really pleasant experience!



What are mochi balls anyway? Mochi balls are Japanese treats made from silky glutenous rice filled with all kinds of fillings such as red bean or ice cream !  I’m so proud to tell you all that Dezato Mochi Cafe is the pioneer and the best when it comes to locally made mochi balls! Yum! Yum!



dezato cafe 94

Ice Cream Mochi



dezato cafe 16

 Mochi Truffles!



They fill them with various flavors such as truffles, flavored creams and ice cream! No wonder people are going gaga over them!



dezato cafe 120

this little guy sure knows what he wants!



Aside from mochi balls, we were surprised to know that they also serve very delicious dishes! I believe this place is very ideal for family bondings and dates of all sorts! If you wanna impress your significant other…I recommend you take him/her to this place!!!


I’m a huge fan of secret and cozy spots! I find them to be very romantic!



Here are  their specialties……


Before we go to the dishes, let me show you their array of ultra refreshing beverages…


I’m sure you’re aware that tea places have been popping out around town these days but Dezato Mochi Cafe  is proud to say that they have been serving fine tea drinks even before the tea craze started!



dezato cafe 36

Peach Pomegranate Iced Tea, Thai Iced Tea and Hong Kong Style Black Milk Tea (Iced)



dezato cafe 40

my personal pick: Ice Blended Green Tea !



For starters, they served us with their Honey Walnut Crab Claws! Aside from its captivating plating, they taste oh so nice! Deep fried crispy crab claws with sweet honey walnuts on the side placed on a bed of crispy fried “bihon”! waaaaaahhhh



dezato cafe 21

freshly fried



dezato cafe 22



Dezâto Beef Don – I find this meal to be very filling and comforting!  The beef was tender and tasty! The sauce had just the right amount of sweetness in it! I believe the serving is good for sharing! =)



dezato cafe 60



Dezâto Seafood Spicy Noodles    ~  This dish reminded me of Korean Ramyun and Jjampong loaded with fresh veggies, seafood and eggs!! Ideal for people who dig spicy noodle soups. Best enjoyed while hot!



dezato cafe 27




dezato cafe 83



Squash Soup ~ I find this one to be very special for the feeling it gave me while tasting it…. definitely made me smile! Light and creamy! The sourdough toast made it even more filling! I love sourdough breads! Simple yet very satisfying! I love comfort foods such as warm creamy soups!  Perfect! Perfect!                         



dezato cafe 57

Very comforting … for some reason, I felt healed!



dezato cafe 61

perfect with toasted sourdough bread!



Four Cheese (Mozarella, Blue Cheese, Parmesan, Fontina) ~ I’m so glad they have this! I’m easily pleased by dishes with cheese!  If you’re addicted to cheese and thin crust pizzas, then go give this a try! I’m not sure if they got bigger sizes though.  Pizza is always great enjoyed with family and friends!



dezato cafe 38



dezato cafe 72



Creamy Longanisa and Liver Pasta ~ oooohhh I was very amazed by their pasta dishes! They sure got signature recipes there! How nice it is to try new pasta dishes from time to time! There is no doubt that Pinoys love pasta and pizza! The combination of the Vigan longanisa and liver was a match made in heaven! The liver made the sauce’s consistency  very smooth and creamy!



dezato cafe 45

nom nom nom nom..



dezato cafe 69



Tartufo Farfalla (Ribbon Pasta w/ Black truffles and Baby Portobello) ~ I say this dish is definitely a classic! It’s not your regular pasta dish for it tastes very subtle and “earthy” due to the mushrooms! For some people, I know they may think of this as a little bland but honestly for me, I appreciate its uniqueness a lot! I would describe its taste as “sophisticated!” It goes well with their buttered sourdough bread!



dezato cafe 53

I would describe this as “sophisticated!”




 and then it was time for dessert……



We were very surprised when the desserts arrived! I never thought they had so many flavors!! They sure gave us a lot! Wow!



We started with the Ice Cream filled ones! The glutenous rice was very very fine and silky! They looked so precious and delicate like fine pearls! I love its  feel inside my mouth! Different textures intertwining with a burst of flavor from the ice cream! No wonder people are so crazy about these mochi balls!



dezato cafe 106

They all taste so wonderful but of course for me, the avocado ice cream mochi was the one I couldn’t forget! But of course, it’s a matter of personal preference! 😉




dezato cafe 101

highly addictive!!




dezato cafe 105

 my guests loved it!




dezato cafe 109

Their cream and truffle mochi balls were also sinfully great! OMG!! Better than… (you know what!) lol!




dezato cafe 111

I remember pausing for a few minutes after my 1st bite! Badeth and I were stunned! We literally forgot our names!! The dark chocolate truffles were soooo great!




People usually buy by the box as gifts for their loved ones!  These gems are definitely meant to be shared!!


If you want  a person to feel very special, this is one gift I’d recommend!! Trust me! I’d really love to get one as well! ahihi



dezato cafe 128

the perfect gift this Holiday season!



They also let us try their cheesecake! Imagine a thick layer of rich and creamy cream cheese on an Oreo cookie crust! hmmmmm New York Cheesecake meets Cookies ‘n Cream!!! Yum!!



dezato cafe 113



dezato cafe 117

they also have these super cute cupcakes!!!



dezato cafe 122

no wonder kids find them sooo appealing!





I’d have to say that it was indeed a special meal…..


 dezato cafe 59

I find the whole experience to be very comforting and rejuvenating…




…..because aside from that very filling feast,  I also  got to share it with such wonderful people =)



dezato cafe 84

Ayen and Nel



 381956 2153135753122 1388269901 31875101 678320513 n

Badeth and Nel



dezato cafe 64

It’s actually my 1st time to share a meal with them! Badeth and I enjoyed their company so much!  =)



The cafe’s ambiance was very casual yet so elegant! Very cozy and relaxing! I soooo love intimate places like these!  So romantic! awwww!!!



dezato cafe 115

vibrant art works  fill the whole place



The cafe may not be located at a prime commercial spot yet still,  people really make an effort and find time to visit only to satisfy their mochi cravings!  Local celebrities even drop by regularly! This goes to show that when you got a really great product,  expect people to flock at your door wherever you may be! I believe every foodie must know this place!  “Dinadayo talaga!”



dezato cafe 80

these 2 lovebirds   were so glad to find another date place!




As I’ve written earlier,  I think these mochi balls would make perfect gifts for any occasion! This coming Christmas season I strongly suggest you give your loved ones these fine desserts! They’ll love it for sure! =)



376133 2153129552967 1388269901 31875083 492670974 n



309670 2153132913051 1388269901 31875093 98214622 n



Thank you so much Maria for that memorable feast! Also to Miram and Nina for making us feel very much at home! We wish you only the best!!  Dezato Mochi Cafe sure has got a lot of good vibes in all corners of its walls, no wonder it has so many loyal customers!!



I feel so lucky to have found this place! The Dezato Mochi Cafe deserves much respect and recognition not only for making  exquisite mochi balls and dishes but also because of that overall feeling which it provides its customers!  You ain’t a foodie if you don’t know Dezato Mochi Cafe! Another must experience when in Manila!




Dezato Mochi Cafe

Address : 100 Hemady St. New Manila, Quezon City
Telephone No : (02) 727-12-29
Twitter : @dezatomochi
Facebook Group : Dezato Mochi Cafe

click here to view their menu





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Thank so much Badeth Compuesto for helping me out with the photos!




Dezato Mochi Cafe: One of Manila’s Top Dessert Places! Must Try Their Signature Mochi Balls!