Filipino Photographer Wins International Photography Award for This Stunning Image of “Forever”

A picture is worth a thousand words, but for a minute, I was speechless. It gave me no words except to say, “it’s perfect.”

A talented LA-based Filipino photographer Edwin Loyola took a powerful photo that genuinely demonstrates what “forever” means.

Filipino Photographer won award in LA

Loyola’s winning entry. (Photo credit GMA News) 

According to GMA News Online, the photo was taken in Maryland Park while waiting for his son. For him, “forever” could be true. Thus, he received a prestigious award Family of Man Photographer of the Year Award 2016 by International Photography Awards Philippines, the Philippine leg of the LA-based International Photography Awards (IPA).

Edwin Loyola bested the 1500 entries from fellow Pinoys worldwide. Loyola was the first to win in this category. Moreover, the Pinoy photographer used a converted infrared camera in capturing the winning shot.

Undoubtedly, Filipinos are notable in the music, arts, food, and fashion industries. They are passionate about their craft and have represented worldwide.

When it comes to representing our country in the field of Photography, Filipinos are no stranger. Truly, Filipinos are a world-class talent.

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