AMAZING: Filipino Artists Used “Dirty Water Color” for These Stunning Paintings

Filipinos are widely known as someone creative, innovative, and resourceful. Just like these artists who found a unique way to spread environmental awareness about water pollution.

artist dirty color

Photo credit: Facebook.com/TBWASMP

These artists called the project: The Dirty Watercolour project, an ABS-CBN Lingkod Kapamilya Foundation initiative to create awareness about the prevalent and increasing water pollution levels in the rivers of the Philippines.

dirty watercolor

Photo credit: Facebook.com/TBWASMP

A Filipino ad agency, TBWASMP, commissioned nine  artists to create 22 pieces of art that depict a scene from the riverbank in the area.

Here are the artists who collaborated to come up with stunning paintings out of dirty water:

  • Toti Cerda
  • John Carlo Vargas
  • Kean Barrameda
  • Fred Failano
  • Allan Clerigo
  • Van Isunza
  • Luigi Almuena
  • Renee Ysabelle Jose
  • John Ed De Vera

Let’s take a look at their phenomenal paintings!

water color

Photo credit: Facebook.com/TBWASMP

watercolor artists

Photo credit: Facebook.com/TBWASMP

water color artist

Photo credit: Facebook.com/TBWASMP

One of the painters, JC (John Carlos) Vargas told Reuters that it was challenging for them to use the dirty water due to smell. As quoted in the article he shared, “it was difficult because it was the first time I experienced using dirty pigments, and second was the smell.”

Well, your hard work paid off. You and the rest of the painters have demonstrated the true meaning of “art.”

What are your thoughts about their amazing artwork?