WATCH: Great Invention from the Batangas Basketball Community

Filipinos love basketball.

You will find basketball courts in every cul de sac, roads, and even if we are experiencing typhoon, our love for game is ubiquitous.

basketball in rain


However, basketball leagues need to use courts with electricity, especially if the game is at night. Therefore, they would need a decent basketball court that can provide lights and other electrical items such as fans and score boards. Hence, a group of people in San Felipe, Batangas, created a great way to balance everything: a coin meter for their basketball community.

coin basketball court batangas

How does it work?

Similar to a parking meter or coin laundry, the players will insert a 5-peso coin for a 6-minute use of lights. As soon as the 6 minutes is up, the light shuts off, too. All you gotta do is feed the meter if you need more light!

Here’s the video of their amazing invention: Proudly shared by Mike Swift, a.k.a. Mr. Pinoyhoops, an advocate of Filipino basketball traditions.

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