Filipino Gamers Participated in Regional Test and Play of ‘The Division Resurgence’

Ubisoft announced its launch window for Tom Clancy’s The Division Resurgence, a new free-to-play third-person RPG shooter mobile game set in a massive urban open world. The Division Resurgence brings the acclaimed The Division AAA experience to handheld devices.

In this new opus to Tom Clancy’s The Division franchise, players will see a new and independent storyline set in a vast open world where they will be free to roam around an outstanding detailed urban environment with a stunning and unique perspective on key story events that have taken place in The Division and The Division 2.  

KV - The Division Resurgence [1]

The Division Resurgence will launch for Android and iOS devices this Fall 2023. Android and iOS players who will pre-register will receive unique in-game rewards at launch. Players in select countries were able to participate in a Regional Test and play The Division Resurgence on June 13 until July 24. Selected countries include Australia, Chile, Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Norway, the Philippines, Spain, and Sweden. 

Players in these areas also registered for a chance to participate in this Regional Beta on the Google Play Store on Android devices or the App Store on iOS devices (available at a later date in the Philippines). Selected players were invited to participate in the beta. Mobile players who have participated in previous tests, regardless of region, also had the chance to play The Division Resurgence during the Regional Beta. 

KV - The Division Resurgence [2]

The Regional Beta includes new content compared to previous test phases, including more main missions, activities, and a new agent specialization. Players were encouraged to share their feedback with the development team through an in-game survey and bug report tools. Players can provided feedback on The Division Resurgence’s official Discord server.

Pre-registrations also opened for players from Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, and Indonesia through our publishing partner Level Infinite on the Google Play Store on Android devices. Pre-registrations on the App Store on iOS devices will open at a later date. Stay tuned.

For more information about Tom Clancy’s The Division Resurgence, please visit official website.