Filipino Food Galore at Electrolux Discover-E Food Festival

When In Manila and you’re in the lookout for amazing events centered on food and everything that comes along with it, going to one of those talked-about Food Festivals can really get you in the mood for some tummy loving. Electrolux Discover-E Food Festival is one of those food festivals that manage to capture your senses, encapsulate your attention and make you proud of your Filipino heritage as well. 




Before entering the event, don’t ever forget to bring your passport with you! Here’s what it looks like: pretty creative, don’t you think? As part of its Discover-E campaign, the Electrolux Discover-E Food Festival featured different fun activities that will help everyone appreciate and learn new Filipino discoveries with the help of Electrolux kitchen appliances. I think the passport was also a nice touch as the event aimed to carry out DOT’s slogan, It’s More Fun in the Philippines. 



Upon entering the Electrolux Discover-E Food Festival held at NBC Tent in The Fort, all my five senses were immediately overwhelmed. There were a lot of booths, a lot of people and a lot of appliances all over the place! To give you an idea of the booths that were there, here are some of them: 

We bought 3 chocolates for only P100 from this innovative chocolate store. Look at their designs! The Electrolux Discover-E event really gave us a lot of exciting discoveries indeed. 


I actually think that it’s the first time I saw a red velvet cupcake which was not red. Am I the only one who was excited upon seeing this? 



Oh, hey, look who graced the Electrolux Discover-E with his presence: it’s Chef Bruce Lim! And no, that’s not his son – that’s actually my baby brother, LJ. 


The event proper was emceed by three renowned hosts: Chico Garcia, Delamar Arias, and Gino Quillamor. Here they are in all their glory: 


After discussing the concept of travelling with taste buds, these entertaining hosts then turned the stage over to Chef Rosebud Benitez. She and Chef Bruce Lim have prepared their own recipes for the Electrolux Discover-E Food Festival.