Filipino driver receives medal from Queen Elizabeth II for 33 years of service

After 33 years of service to the British Embassy in Manila, this Filipino driver who shared his service for many British envoys to the Philippines was awarded the British Empire Medal.

On Tuesday, July 23, a Facebook post by the British Embassy Manila read: “Her Majesty The Queen Elizabeth II has honoured Mr Roland Quitevis with the British Empire Medal for his services to UK-Philippine Relations.”

Born in Sta. Lucia, Ilocos Sur, Roland Quitevis is the sixth of eight children in his family and he decided to move to Manila at the age of 22.

He shares that in his decades of service, he was eight British ambassadors’ official driver. Also, he shared that he was also able to drive a few members of the British royal family including three visits by Prince Andrew, Duke of York, two visits by Princess Anne and a visit by Prince Charles.

“Apart from safety considerations, I have also learned, both in my training and through years of experience, how to maintain an alert yet relaxed and calm disposition, which reflects in the overall environment in the vehicle for the Ambassador or any VIP visitor as they carry out their diplomatic activities,” Quitevis shared.

“For me, every moment with all the Ambassadors has been unforgettable, as they have treated me like family and always with utmost respect,” he further shared.

Ambassador Daniel Pruce “presented him the opportunity of receiving the Honorary British Empire Medal (BEM),” which Quitevis mentioned as his defining moment.

The Facebook posted ended crediting Roland Quitevis for serving 33 years as the official driver to eight of Her Majesty’s Ambassadors to the Philippines.

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