Filipino Designer claims Miss Universe PH 2019 Gazini Ganados was wearing MISSING design of his dress

“What would [you] do if [you] find your missing archive dress suddenly being worn by a beauty queen and [you’re] not even aware of it… and not even credited? I think she looks good on it but could do with a bit of help,” Lesley Mobo, a London-based designer, asked.

After searching for over four years for a design he made, Filipino international designer Lesley Mobo expressed his shock to find his design of a red sequined gown dress being rented online and being worn in an Instagram post by Miss Universe Philippines 2019 Gazini Ganados.

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In another Facebook post by the designer,  he mentioned that someone shared that the design of his dress was being rented on an online site without permission from the designer: “Omg someone just sent this to me..someone out there is [lending] or selling this gown? But with a retail price? How come? Hindi naman for sale ang damit? What website is this please! Can I buy it privately?” Lesley said.

Mobo took the issue once again to Facebook to update the current status of the issue he was facing.

He clarified in his statement on Wednesday, August 8, that he never gave the dress a gift to the stylist and that “it was not a misunderstanding.

He further shares that he lent for a fashion shoot in 2015 with an understanding that it would be given back.  And despite Lesley being certain that the dress was missing, the stylist claimed the gown was rightfully returned.

Although, it looks like the stylist has made amends with Mobo as he cleared up in his post that “she accepted she was at fault and I accepted her sorry. The stylist will also return the dress to me.

Additionally, Lesley made it clear that he did not hope to include Miss Universe PH 2019 Gazini into the issue.

He only expressed his shock to find the beauty queen wearing a missing design, he wrote: “Finding it four and a half years later on social media with Gazini wearing it and on a rental website that was owned by the same stylist that borrowed it from me in 2015 was a big shock for me.”

Credit: Gazini Ganados / Instagram

He said: “With regards to the beauty queen Gazini Ganados, she is innocent and has nothing to do with this issue. Nag-model lang po siya ng damit, and I hope she will win Miss Universe 2020!”

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