Figaro All Day Breakfast Samplers!

When in Manila you might find yourself staring down one of the many delicious eateries known as Figaro. If so, be prepared for their new all-day breakfast items!


So starting on July 16th the Philippines will be blessed with more breakfast!!


The menu will consist of 4 traditional Filipino breakfasts. While I do love all of them, I can’t say that I love them equally! I’ve always been such a sucker for pancakes, and add some scrumptious blueberries on top and…Mmmm!!! I’m sold! However I am a new lover of longganisa (not salted eggs though) and the beef tapa was also great.


Also check out their newest promo with Tattoo where you can sip, dine & surf! Check out the poster for more details!


Country Breakfast – Php 175.00

(Combo of pancakes, sliced smoked ham, honey bacon and scrambled egg




French Toast Combo – Php 175.00

(Combo of French toast style, Hungarian sausage, Hawaiian sliced ham and scrambled egg)




Filipino Breakfast Sampler – Php 175.00

(Marinated bangus, beef tapa, skinless longganisa, salted egg ensalada with garlic rice)




Arroz Ala Cubana – Php 165.00

(Ground beef in tomato sauce, fried egg, fried banana plantain and steamed rice)


Figaro_Coffee_Company_ARROZ ALA CUBANA



So When in Manila grab some original Filipino breakfast from Figaro!


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