Fidue A63 in-ear earphone: Good forward vocals

When In Manila, when we seek good earphones within a certain budget, we often find earphones that has too dominant bass or treble that is very harsh and fatiguing. It is a rare sight to find an earphone that is not too expensive and having good forward-vocal sound signature. Around the Php 2,500 – Php 3,000, there is so many in-ear earphones boasting bass and having dominant treble but barely any that boasts or has good forward vocals that really makes the vocalist’s vocal prowess shine. Thankfully, Fidue has brough another product into their line of in-ear earphones that breaks the norm. The Fidue A63! Let’s head to the review:


Packaging/Build: Packaging is very good! A medium sized flip box houses the Fidue A63 and includes a number of tips, and also a really nice carrying pouch. This packaging hits above the price of the Fidue A63. With the build quality, the Fidue A63 has a metal shell and a reinforced cable. Sadly, the cable restrain on the in-ear shells are made of very soft rubber. I feel that this doesn’t really help the cable from being tugged or the cables being bent too much from the shell, thus I predict loose cables to Fidue A63 owners who are not careful with them at all.


Sound Quality: As I hinted at the beginning of this review, the Fidue A63 is a mid-forward in-ear earphone. The mids is where the Fidue A63 shines compared to other in-ears in this price range. The mids is far from recessed and have good detail. Timbre and separation on the mids is also great. Female vocals stand-out well while male vocals are bodied well. There is no congestion at all with the mids, and also, guitars do sound lush. The bass is also something to consider as they have great body and good control. The bass is never bloated and does not bleed into the mids much. The bass goes down deep, the depth is good and retains great control and really nice bass body. The treble of the Fidue A63 is also good, but not as good as the mids or the bass. The treble does have good extension and detail. The treble though sometimes takes a back seat depending on the music playing. Don’t get me wrong, the highs aren’t bad, it’s just that the A63’s mids and lows are better. The soundstage of the Fidue A63 is also above average, giving a slight out-of-the-head feel to the music, it matches good with the forward vocals. Soundstage has better width than depth, but overall, spacious.


Overall: For the price of $55 or roughly around Php 2,500.00 The Fidue A63 is a really good in-ear choice for this price range. Having good forward vocals and good bass depth and extension and overall good detail retrieval, the Fidue A63 is a good recommendation for those looking for in-ear earphones within a specific budget but aiming for good vocal quality.


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Fidue A63 in-ear earphone: Budget earphone with good forward vocals


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