On Writing Opinions About Fashion : My learnings from SoFA’s Fashion Journalism Class





A lot is in store for a fashion enthusiast When in Manila. With Fashion schools emerging in the city, more and more are getting educated in the “how-tos” and “what nots” of styling, designing merchandising and such. School of Fashion and the Arts is one of the highly commendable schools for the fashion aficionado. In fact it has expanded its borders to teaching a short course on fashion journalism.








SoFA’s fashion journalism course in a nutshell is a writing class that focuses on four kinds of fashion articles: personality profiles, summary reports, beauty reviews and opinion editorials. It is taught none other by Ms. Carla Cassanova-Perlas,the current editor of Celebrity Living  magazine. She kicks-off the class with a detailed view of the course, fashion magazine organizational chart and flow of publication; and of course, tips for an aspiring fashion magazine writer. 








I decided to take the course because I wanted to learn how to fuse fashion and writing together. So, when Mrs. Lacar told us that our first article was an opinion editorial on fashion, I got all giddy inside and thought of a topic right away! I can’t reveal it yet, but to give you an idea, it’s about the upcoming  Philippine Fashion Week.



One of the things I love about studying in SoFA is the campus! It’s modern infusion of design to its building actually motivates me to learn about fashion even more! Everything in this school breeds inspiration. 








Our first official lesson on fashion journalism is about the Opinion Editorial. An opinion editorial on fashion must be clear, concise, cohesive, correct and complete. Since this article is about your opinion, you should be able to establish your stand on the topic right away. It should be thought provoking and relatable to both the writer and the readers. Also, it should contain the right information, research is vital.








Trends ,designers, brands and the latest celebrities are just some of the topics related to fashion; but what about issues on  bloggers’ transparency? Or ethical fashion,what is it exactly? Or the controversial ad of a brand’s latest collection? 








SoFA’s course on fashion journalism tackles that– the latest issues and stories in the fashion industry. It urges a fashion enthusiast to write a noteworthy fashion article:  with well thought of insight, commendable technique and credible information. It’s an immensely recommended course to those who are planning to take fashion writing as a career.



With all these things in mind, my take on fashion writing has definitely leveled-up. Hopefully, I will be able to submit a good opinion editorial next meeting. Wish me luck! 









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On Writing Opinions About Fashion : My learnings from SoFA’s Fashion Journalism Class