This Fanmade BTS Card Game is a Fun Pastime for ARMYs

If you’re a true-blue ARMY like me, then you probably can’t get enough of BTS merch. From TinyTAN chocolates to phone accessories, I gotta have them all! :p One of my favorite recent discoveries, though, is this fanmade BTS card game because it’s the type of merch that you can actually enjoy with other ARMYs.

BTS Card Game 1

Photo from FunBy

OH SLAP! The ARMY Edition is FunBy’s first fan-made card game that draws inspiration from the ARMY chant during BTS concerts. The rules are simple: shout out the name of the member and slap your way to collecting the most cards against your opponents. It might sound easy, but it really isn’t. Check out this video for a more in-depth explanation of the instructions to see what I mean:

The game comes with 75 cards, each curated and thoughtfully designed. Since it’s made with ARMYs in mind, the durable material ensures the cards last a long time during gameplay… or you can keep them as photocards. 😉

BTS Card Game 2 scaled e1650789122798

Photo from FunBy

Whether you just want to add it to your personal merchandise collection or want to bond with your fellow ARMYs now that the Permission to Dance Las Vegas concerts just ended, OH SLAP! The ARMY Edition is guaranteed to turn into your ultimate go-to game. Get your own now! I promise you won’t regret it. The cards themselves are already well worth it!

FunBy Games


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