These TinyTAN Chocolates Come With Sweet Messages From BTS

Hello, fellow ARMYs! We found the cutest TinyTAN chocolates from Origami that you will want to have at the ready every single day.

TinyTAN Message Chocolates

Photo by Angeline Rodriguez

If you’re an ARMY, then you definitely already know this; but for those who don’t, the animated TinyTAN characters found on these chocolates are inspired by the BTS members themselves. These cartoon characters exist in the fictional TinyTAN universe. Because they are based on the looks and personalities of the members, they are recognized and well-loved by fans everywhere.

Since their inception, they’ve been on a lot of different products as seen in the BTS pop-up store in Megamall; and now, they’re also available on inspiring message chocolates brought to us by Origami, the exclusive distributor of the TinyTAN message chocolates here in the Philippines.

TinyTAN Message Chocolates Varieties

Photo by Angeline Rodriguez

There are different boxes to collect filled with chocolates and messages from the members themselves! The messages come in themes of hope, comfort, empathy, healing, and courage; and prove to be the perfect pick-me-ups whenever you’re having a bad day or just need some inspiring words to read. Extra kilig points since they come straight from the boys!

TinyTAN Message Chocolates Message

Photo by Angeline Rodriguez

If you don’t read or speak Korean, just download Papago or Google Translate to read what they say!

TinyTAN Message Chocolates Brochure

Photo by Angeline Rodriguez

Since you’ll be eating the chocolates after reading them, it’s nice to have this foldable mini-brochure with messages that you can put on display at your study or work station or even fold up and bring with you in your wallet or bag for whenever you feel the need to smile.

TINYTan Message Chocolate

Photo by Angeline Rodriguez

As for the chocolates themselves, they are so delicious. If the messages didn’t lift you up (which is impossible!), the chocolates definitely will. They’re not too sweet and are just the perfect size for a few bites of endorphins throughout the day. Since they can be quite addicting, however, I’d suggest stocking up on them so you’ll always have some on-hand anytime.

TinyTAN Message Chocolates Back

Photo by Angeline Rodriguez

Origami features enjoyable, meaningful, and authentic products from around the country and from around the world, and they deliver all over the Philippines via their own courier and via LBC for provincial orders in order to reach as many ARMYs in the Philippines as possible.

What’s more, the boxes are currently on sale on Shopee at 73% off! Buy them now!

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