These BTS-Inspired Phone Accessories Will Keep the PTD Spirit Alive

Who’s ready for PTD – Seoul? If you’re an ARMY, you’ve probably been counting down the days ever since the announcement. And if you’re a hardcore ARMY, then you’ve probably also been stocking up on PTD merch.

Now, let’s be real: while the first day of the concert may be tomorrow, the PTD high will be going on for a while. So if you haven’t stocked up on PTD merch yet, we’ve got your back. We found a store that offers quality BTS phone accessories to keep the PTD high going even long past the Seoul concerts: The Sunny Side MNL.

Sunny Side MNL BTS Phone Accessories

Photo from Sunny Side MNL

Sunny Side MNL was started by Celine, who perfectly balances work and fun by keeping a day job and working on her side hustles at night. The brand was born during the first round of ECQ and has been keeping her busy and sane since. “The Sunny Side. MNL (Sunny Side) is my safe space,” she shares. “It’s the brighter side of my life.”

While Sunny Side originally only sold K-inspired phone cases, it has since evolved to sell English translated books and more BTS fanmade merch. “I’ve always been a fan of anything Korean – from the dramas to the places to the music to the FOOD (!) so it wasn’t so hard for me to put my passion into a business,” she explains. “It was really my goal to start a business while keeping things creative.” And I absolutely love her for it because now, my ARMY heart is happy, as well. 🙂

These BTS-inspired fanmade phone accessories are personally designed by an ARMY so it makes sense why fellow ARMYs all love them, as well. Celine shares that many ARMYs have already expressed their happiness and satisfaction with their products. Plus, they’re super affordable!

Phone accessories aren’t the only ARMY products you can find on Sunny Side, either. They also have BTS-inspired shot glasses and soju that you should definitely add to your arsenal… but more on that in another article. 😉

The Sunny Side MNL

Instagram: @thesunnyside.mnl

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