Facial Care Centre’s “Before I Do” Pampering Session for Rima Ostwani

The exquisitely beautiful Rima Ostwani is tying the knot soon with her prince Charming this month. One of her guests gave her a sneak preview of family life with this super cute little bundle of joy:


Naturally, her skin’s official guardian angel, Facial Care Centre, gave her a sweet and memorable intimate pampering session at their newly opened center inside RCBC Corporate Center at BGC with her friends and family. It was a fun-filled afternoon that heralded the blooming bride-to-be’s summer wedding this April 29.


Facial Care Centre has a cozy array of rooms for utmost comfort and privacy. The best room in the facility allowed the lovely Rima to enjoy her firming facial with a view of the BGC skyline.




Enticing and eliciting the playful side of Rima, the venue was lined with fresh flowers, heart-shaped balloons, artistically concocted cotton candies, and strawberry champagne.

Rima-Ostwani-Beauty-Before-I-Do-Facial-Centre-Fort-Pampering-Bridal-Shower-001 Rima-Ostwani-Beauty-Before-I-Do-Facial-Centre-Fort-Pampering-Bridal-Shower-002 Rima-Ostwani-Beauty-Before-I-Do-Facial-Centre-Fort-Pampering-Bridal-Shower-004 Rima-Ostwani-Beauty-Before-I-Do-Facial-Centre-Fort-Pampering-Bridal-Shower-005

Over a good glass of wine and the sweetness of cute cotton candies, the girls had a wonderful time reminiscing happy memories of Rima. All the guests had a good time.

Rima-Ostwani-Beauty-Before-I-Do-Facial-Centre-Fort-Pampering-Bridal-Shower-035 Rima-Ostwani-Beauty-Before-I-Do-Facial-Centre-Fort-Pampering-Bridal-Shower-036 Rima-Ostwani-Beauty-Before-I-Do-Facial-Centre-Fort-Pampering-Bridal-Shower-038 Rima-Ostwani-Beauty-Before-I-Do-Facial-Centre-Fort-Pampering-Bridal-Shower-039

Filled with the best equipment in the skin care industry and hospitable plus competent staff, Facial Care Centre gives one of the best firming facials in the city.

Rima-Ostwani-Beauty-Before-I-Do-Facial-Centre-Fort-Pampering-Bridal-Shower-008 Rima-Ostwani-Beauty-Before-I-Do-Facial-Centre-Fort-Pampering-Bridal-Shower-009

Facials are known to be painful with just the right amount of “tiis-ganda” but they make the experience so fun and fabulous. They explained in every step of the way what needs to be done to your face after a skin analysis. (Special shoutout to Kat for doing an awesome job with my pimple breakout.)

Rima-Ostwani-Beauty-Before-I-Do-Facial-Centre-Fort-Pampering-Bridal-Shower-025 Rima-Ostwani-Beauty-Before-I-Do-Facial-Centre-Fort-Pampering-Bridal-Shower-026

My face had a generous serving of honey and almond scrub after cleansing and toning. After opening my pores, they took their time in making sure that every blackhead, pimple, wart, and whitehead is obliterated. If Rody Duterte claims to eliminate crime in 3-6 months, Facial Care Centre or FCC can do a quicker justice to your skin problems in less than a day! Brides can be assured that they run lesser risk of becoming bridezilla on their wedding day because FCC puts their skin’s well-being in their able hands.

Rima-Ostwani-Beauty-Before-I-Do-Facial-Centre-Fort-Pampering-Bridal-Shower-030 Rima-Ostwani-Beauty-Before-I-Do-Facial-Centre-Fort-Pampering-Bridal-Shower-032

The party was a recipe for the utmost in comfort and happiness. With good friends, good wine, and a really good facial, what more can anyone ask for in a bridal shower? FCC at BGC can host these parties with aplomb. They have 12 private rooms that can be rented out for occasions like these and pamper all the lucky ones invited to grace the affair.

Rima-Ostwani-Beauty-Before-I-Do-Facial-Centre-Fort-Pampering-Bridal-Shower-042 Rima-Ostwani-Beauty-Before-I-Do-Facial-Centre-Fort-Pampering-Bridal-Shower-044
Rima-Ostwani-Beauty-Before-I-Do-Facial-Centre-Fort-Pampering-Bridal-Shower-050 Rima-Ostwani-Beauty-Before-I-Do-Facial-Centre-Fort-Pampering-Bridal-Shower-051 Rima-Ostwani-Beauty-Before-I-Do-Facial-Centre-Fort-Pampering-Bridal-Shower-054

True love comes in many forms. While walking down the aisle for the man of your dreams is one form of such love, you can also give yourself the pampering you deserve. Nobody knows this calming and comforting reality better than Facial Care Centre does. Wedding bells or not, this treat is something that you can indulge yourself in with no regrets at any time of the year.

Rima-Ostwani-Beauty-Before-I-Do-Facial-Centre-Fort-Pampering-Bridal-Shower-003 Rima-Ostwani-Beauty-Before-I-Do-Facial-Centre-Fort-Pampering-Bridal-Shower-056 Rima-Ostwani-Beauty-Before-I-Do-Facial-Centre-Fort-Pampering-Bridal-Shower-057

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