Facebook now provides an option to help Friends who are depressed or have anxiety

Do you have friends who reveal through Facebook posts that exude anxiety or depression? Or someone you personally know who is going through rough patches in his/her life and is your Facebook friend?

According to the Anxiety and Depression Support Philippines Facebook page, Facebook now provides an option for users to help their friends “who is struggling and in dire need of intervention”.

The post, uploaded via photo set, also enunciates that one does not need to be a professional in order to reach out another.

Help 1

“For anyone who is suffering from any mental and/or emotional distress, just by giving a simple acknowledgement of their pain and validation of their existence can be a great help. A simple talk or just through listening can already make a difference. If you dont know what to do or say, Facebook gave us an option how to help out. <3 Heart and share!”

The photos reveal step by step procedures as to how a Facebook user can help another fellow user.

Help 2 Help 3

Help 4

Help 5

These screenshots are now viewed by the user the former ‘reported’. Facebook offers some solutions that could ease the user’s pains or whatever makes him/her feel uncomfortable – anxiety or depression, Facebook assures how “you matter to us, so we want to offer support if you need it”.

Help 6 Help 7 Help 8 Help 9

What are you waiting for? Extend a hand and help a friend today! <3

What do you think of this Facebook feature? Do you think it’s helpful? Let us know in the comments below!

Disclaimer: WheninManila.com does not own these photos. Credits go to the Anxiety and Depression Support Philippines Facebook page.


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