Extant – A Must Watch Series for 2015 starring Halle Berry and Produced by Steven Spielberg

WhenInManila.com was fortunate to watch the Philippine’s first sneak preview of  EXTANT, which will premiere on Tuesday January 6th, 2015 at 9:55pm  thanks to RTL-CBS Entertainment.  We watched the first 2 episodes of series 1 of EXTANT and cannot wait to watch the rest.

EXTANT was so good that I have just one New Year’s Eve resolution, and that is to watch the full 13 episodes of series 1.  It is an exciting series starring Academy Award winning actor Halle Berry and Goran Visnjic (from ER), with Executive Producer Steven Spielberg.

It has been extremely successful in the US with a green light for a second series already.  Some reviews said:

“Coolly conceived and professionally directed.” – The Washington Post

“…slick, tense, and well-plotted.” – The Guardian


Luckily WhenInManila.com you will be able to sit back at home and be engrossed in this slick series starting January 6th at 9:55pm.  I have already set the date on my phone calendar and highly recommend you do the same.  You do not want to miss out on this one.

EXTANT is slick, cool, exciting and a must watch for 2015.

EXTANT encompasses many genres including Science Fiction (I am tired of Zombies already), Mystery and Drama with themes of Survival, Family, Alien Life, the Future and even Immortality.  It is a series the family can enjoy together.

When_in_Manila_Extant_family themes

Steven Spielberg is one of the world’s most gifted Directors/Producers known for his family-friendly works such as Close Encounters of the Third KindE.T. the Extra-TerrestrialHook, and A.I. Artificial Intelligence. A.I. also touches on similar themes to EXTANT as it is a futuristic film about a humanoid android longing for love.  The android in EXTANT is a bit of a mystery character who leaves us guessing as to his motivations and what he is looking for.


The synopsis of EXTANT concerns astronaut Molly (Halle Berry – Storm from X-Men, Catwoman and even a Bond girl in Die Another Day) who’s just returned from a 13-month solo mission in space.  However, upon re-entry to her civilian life Molly’s doctor (excellent actor Camryn Manheim) delivers the bewildering news that Molly is many weeks pregnant!  Oops, how to tell hubby?

When_in_Manila_Extant_Molly's pregnant!

Molly’s husband is John (actor Goran Visnjic of ER fame) and also a scientist who created their android son Ethan.  He was created because Molly had been unable to get pregnant on earth.

When_in_Manila_Extant_Artificial Intelligence

EXTANT is full of wonderful actors and acting.  The first 2 episodes leave you wanting to learn more about these complex characters and their motivations and intent.  Are the evil?  Are they good?  Are they who they seem to be?  One such character is Harmon who was Molly’s solo mission predecessor.  


There is one actor who you know is bad.  The questions are how bad and how old is he?  Actor Hiroyuki Sanada (Rush Hour 3, The Wolverine and The Last Samuri) is a baddie but just how bad I am not sure yet.  To find out is just another reason to watch the series from Tuesday January 6th at 9:55pm right?

When_in_Manila_Extant_forever young


EXTANT is a must watch series that will surely be watched by millions of people in the Philippines.  It has tremendous actors acting brilliantly, it has a master producer (Steven Spielberg) telling a well crafted and intriguing story that is well written.  I recommend EXTANT as  a series for you and your family to enjoy. It will get you laughing, shocked, some times scared and definitely thinking about the future.


Pictures thanks to EXTANT website and facebook page featured below.

EXTANT to Premiere Tuesday, January 6th at 9:55pm thanks to RTL-CBS Entertainment (see their facebok page here: https://www.facebook.com/RTLCBSEntertainment).

Check out the official website here: https://www.cbs.com/shows/extant/

Check out the series facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/ExtantCBS

Extant – A Must Watch Series for 2015 starring Halle Berry and Produced by Steven Spielberg


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