‘Let’s not be sexist’: Erwan defends Anne for taking steamy role in ‘Just A Stranger’

Fans are fawning over Erwan Heussaff for coming to wife Anne Curtis’s defense when netizens kept criticizing her for taking on a sexy role in her newest movie, Just a Stranger. In it, she plays a woman who gets into an intimate relationship with a man half her age, played by Marco Gumabao, while vacationing in Europe despite both being in committed relationships.

On the photo of the movie poster that Anne shared on her Instagram, a number of followers went so far as to call her “disrespectful” for accepting an “awkward” role in a sexy movie since she was already married.

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Erwan decided to call these commenters out. “Hilarious comments. Last I checked, I’m the husband and I know how I feel (which is completely fine by the way, thanks for asking). So no need to throw around words like disrespect or dictate what a person should or shouldn’t do after getting married,” he said in te comments section of Anne’s post.

“I’ve known my wife as an actress, since day 1 and I have the utmost admiration for what she does. End of story. I don’t feel awkward or uncomfortable when watching these movies (you guys commenting make it awkward),” he added.

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He also shared that he “actively gave” inputs on the script when it was shown to him. He has also made playful comments in previous posts related to the movie.

anne curtis marco gumabao just a stranger erwan heussaff comment

anne curtis marco gumabao just a stranger erwan heussaff comment

“So, let’s stop talking about marriage like it needs to change people,” he continued. “Most successful marriages I know are those where both parties kept their identity intact and grew as a couple. Also, let’s not be sexist people, if this was a married guy actor doing love scenes, no one would have any issue with it.”

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