Entrepreneurs Can Now Set Up Business In 2 Days

Entrepreneurs will now be able to acquire a business permit in 2 days, as part of the government’s effort to simplify business processes according to reports!

Three government agencies — the DTI, DILG, and Information and Communication Technology (ICT)– signed a joint memorandum circular on Tuesday, August 30, requiring all local government units around the country to cut business permit and licensing system procedures to a maximum of three steps in just two days.

The government will be introducing the BOSS (Business One-Stop Shop) facility, where other requirements such as agricultural and environmental clearances and sanitary permits must be issued together with the business permit.

Interior secretary Ismael Sueno said:

“If investors find difficulty starting a business, then they’ll be discouraged to come to the Philippines. With the shortened business processing, I hope more will come here.”

Sounds like great news!

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